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@Shinigami92 Shinigami92 released this 19 Apr 10:28
· 76 commits to main since this release

New & Noteworthy

The core maintainer of this project moved to @Shinigami92 (also core maintainer of FakerJS and core member of Vite).
The project is and remains under the MIT license.

This version is a mostly compatible to v6.2.2, but (should) supports ESM in addition to CJS 🎉
If you found any bugs while moving from version v6.2.2 to version v7.0.0, please open an issue and report what was broken for you.
If you need to contact me somehow directly, you can do so on Mastodon

I (@Shinigami92) worked hard the last 1.5 month on refactoring node-pg-migrate and I plan to convert the source code to ESM in the next major version. However I will need to drop support for Node <18 and TS <5 for that. So the next major version could potentially be released "quickly".
The code base is now stable to ship new features and fix more known bugs.

Here are the most important changes

  • This release fixes some whitespace issues (dropColumns, createMaterializedView) as well as an invalid swapped operation type #1024.
  • The minimum supported Node version is v16.18 and the minimum supported TypeScript version is 4.8 #998
  • Migration.create does not accept the deprecated params anymore #1002
    if you did not ignored the runtime warning, you should not be affected by this
  • The CLI is now TypeScript checked and therefore also got some slightly rework #1066
    hopefully nothing broke
  • The internal createSchemalize function now uses options instead of two boolean args #1058
    You should mostly not be affected by this, expect from extreme programmatic use-cases
  • utils got restructured #1053
    this should not have changed anything from the usage
  • The src folder got a bit restructure, so you should only be affected by breaking changes if you use node-pg-migrate progammatically (not CLI)
  • When using ts-node, tsconfig.json's 'ts-node' override is now respected (thx to @BriungRi)
  • The plain JS template now generates with JSDoc so you get improved autosuggestions (thx to @codermarcos)
  • Remove dependencies to mkdirp #1102 and decamilized #1099
  • Add JSDoc to pgm methods #1104
  • Refactored some base files (renamed migration-builder to migrationBuilder) and used node:* imports #1101
  • Throw error when using string expression and try infer drop constraint #1094

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v6.2.2...v7.0.0