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Runtime Client-Side Configuration

Sample project demonstrating how to access configuration and environment variables in browser on runtime.


  • Navigate to root directory.
  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • npm start


This is built with

  • Ubuntu 18.0.4
  • Node v10.9.0
  • npm 6.7.0

I suppose it would work on similar unix-like setups too.


The source code is split into two subfolders, client and server, each having its own package.json.


The server entry point is located in server/src/srver.js and it calls two more modules, config and runtimeConfigMiddleware.


The app is created with create-react-app. There are only a few changes to this basic client application.

  • A new file runtimeConfig.js is added. It loads and stores the configuration variables.
  • index.js is the entry point and it calls the runtime configuration load function as soon as possible.
  • The values are displayed in App.js component. They are fetched on componentDidMount and displayed as soon as they are available.
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