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New generation of HW / budget tracking system.
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New generation of HW / budget tracking system.


The whole system is composed of the following components:

Top-level package.json

You can work with them individually (install packages in respective directories, run tests there, and run build procedure), or you can use top-level package.json scripts here for convenience that will propagate all the commands to individual components:

  • npm install: install (both production and development) packages,
  • npm test: run tests of all components (including eslint),
  • npm run set-version: propagate version from top-level package.json to all components,
  • npm run build: build all artifacts.

Build artifacts

Build artifacts can be found in build/ directory. All of them are bundled with production node_modules as needed, so after unpacking the artifacts they are ready. You only need to add .env files for some of them, of adjust configuration JS files. For detailed instructions please check respective README files of the components.


Developed by Salsita.

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