Take desktop screenshots and glue them to make a time lapse video in GNU/Linux
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What is gLapse?

gLapse stands for Gnome Time lapse, is a simple GTK tool that allows you to take lots of screenshots at fixed intervals. Then you can glue them together to produce a time lapse video.

It was conceived to be used at Ludum Dare 48h game development competition by Linux people but you can also try it! It doesn't have a huge variety of options but it's pretty easy to use.

gLapse screen


  • Take .png screenshots with custom interval and quality.
  • Make video using saved screenshots with custom FPS.
  • Multilanguage: English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese.


Show your work!

Do you want everybody to know how you've worked in your last project? Start taking desktop screenshots at a fix time interval and let the party begin! When you're finnished, push the "make video" button and that's it! You'll have your time lapse video ready to be showcased.