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This is a project to measure various features of JavaScript callbacks.

You can find more information on the study that we carried out using this project, see the study website.

At the moment you can use the codebase to study a set of particular JavaScript project repositories in our study. See instructions below on how to study another JavaScript project/repository.

Setup instructions

  • Install Node.js. You can find the instructions here.
  • Install dependencies. npm install
  • Github repository URLs for projects are listed in the files top_*.txt in the stats directory seperated by application category. You can clone these all at once by executing stats/
  • Now you can run the tool to calculate the various callback statistics by executing stats/ Make sure to supply the required single letter as an argument specifying the application category to analyze:
    • d : Dataviz
    • e : Game engines
    • f : MVC frameworks
    • g : Games
    • h : Web applications
    • n : NPM modules.

Studying other JavaScript projects/repositories

For analyzing an arbitrary directory of JavaScript source files, execute the files with Node.js, giving the directory to be analyzed as an argument. eg: node stats_chain.js my_own_js_project


Measuring callbacks




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