Exploring Java EE 6 by examples
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# About java-ee6-examples

Explore Java EE 6 by examples
	You will find Maven based projects that explore some of major EE 6 
	components or specs with working code examples. Most of the examples 
	are tested on Glassfish Server 3.
	The purpose of this project is just for my own learning and exploration.
	You may use these as tutorial and further explore the EE stack yourself.

Author: Zemian Deng <saltnlight5 at gmail dot com>
	You may also want to visit my blog at http://saltnlight5.blogspot.com 
	to see more detailed explanations with some of these examples.
Project Source Code Hosting:
# Dependencies
These sample applications try not to use any external dependencies jars other
than the EE API provided by application server. However on some modules 
examples, you do need to install MySQL driver jar into your application server 
and setup DataSource in order to work. See the individual module example's README 
file for details.