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Install the MySQL client and/or server on Linux and MacOS.

Available states


Meta-state including all server packages in correct order. This meta-state does not include mysql.remove_test_database.


Install "MySQL Community Server", "MySQL Workbench", and other related mysql products on MacOS (and create Desktop shortcuts).


Remove "MySQL Community Server", "MySQL Workbench", and any other enabled products from MacOS.


Install the MySQL client package on Linux.


Install the MySQL server package and start the service.

Debian OS family supports setting MySQL root password during install via debconf.


If no root password is provided in the pillar, a random one will be created. Because Hydrogen doesn't have easy access to a random function (test.rand_str isn't introduced until Helium), instead, we use the not-at-all random grains.server_id. As this is cryptographically insecure, future formula versions should use the newly available random.get_str method.


Enforces a root password to be set.


Ensure that the MySQL service is not running.


Create and manage MySQL databases.


Install mysql python bindings.


Create and manage MySQL database users with definable GRANT privileges.

The state accepts MySQL hashed passwords or clear text. Hashed password have priority.


See the salt.states.mysql_user docs for additional information on configuring hashed passwords.

Make sure to quote the passwords in the pillar so YAML doesn't throw an exception.



Do not use this state if your MySQL instance has a database in use called test. If you do, it will be irrevocably removed!

Remove the database called test, normally created as part of a default MySQL installation. This state is not included as part of the meta-state above as this name may conflict with a real database.

Install the MySQL development libraries and header files.


Note that this state is not installed by the mysql meta-state unless you set your pillar data accordingly.


Add the official MySQL 5.7 repository.


Note that this state currently only supports MySQL 5.7 for RHEL systems. Debian and Suse support to be added. Also need to add the option to allow selection of MySQL version (5.6 and 5.5 repos are added but disabled) and changed enabled repository accordingly.