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Vim files for editing Salt files
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Vim files for working on Salt files


cp -r ftdetect ftplugin syntax  ~/.vim/

Or (preferably) use one of the popular tools to (sanely) manage plugins:

You will also need to specify the following settings in your ~/.vimrc:

set nocompatible
filetype plugin indent on

Note: It's possible you may be presented with an error stating something similar to:

"E319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version: filetype plugin indent on"

If you get this, specify the following settings in your ~/.vimrc instead:

set nocompatible
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set expandtab

Alternately, files can be copied into any other directory where Vim looks for its runtime files, like /etc/vim/. The command :set runtimepath will show all such paths. Read :help runtimepath for more info.


By default, if Pathogen is installed, the syntax file will search for the existence of a Jinja syntax file (as described in the Jinja docs or via a Vim bundle) in the runtimepath, and load that if found. If it is not found or Pathogen is not installed, the Django template syntax file (which is slightly different, but bundled with Vim) will be used. You can force using either syntax file using the global variable g:sls_use_jinja_syntax. If it is set, autodetection will be turned off.

Valid values:

Use the Django syntax file.
Use the Jinja syntax file, regardless of whether it exists or not.

Example section of ~/.vimrc:

" Force using the Django template syntax file
let g:sls_use_jinja_syntax = 0


Syntax file for editing YAML + Jinja SLS files.

Filetype plugin with good default config for SLS files. Configures suitable wrapping, folding and indenting. Added features:

  • All tabs are converted to spaces.
  • Tab key indents by 2 spaces.
  • Comments are hardwrapped (with added leading #). This is done by setting formatoptions.
  • <Space> key will try to fold/unfold an area.
  • Visually selected block might be indented and unindented by keys < and >, keeping the visual selection selected.
  • Improved indenting of YAML expressions with custom indenting function.
  • Visual warning for non-ASCII characters (which are not allowed in YAML).
Detect SLS files by the file extension .sls, and Saltfile files by an exact filename match.

Other VIM plugins you might find interesting

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