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The installer use the PortablePython distribution as the base
1. Download Wix 3.5 from
2. Append "C:\Program Files\Windows Installer XML v3.5\bin" to
PATH environment variable
3. Install Salt
To install the latest released version of salt::
deps\salt\python\App\Scripts\pip.exe install --no-deps salt
To install a particular version of Salt::
deps\salt\python\App\Scripts\pip.exe install --no-deps salt==1.0.0
To install from Git::
git clone git://
cd salt
type NUL > requirements.txt
deps\salt\python\App\python.exe install
4. Run the Wix commands
heat dir deps\salt -gg -cg PortableSalt -var var.SaltDir -sreg -o all.wxs
candle -dSaltDir="deps\salt" salt_x86.wxs all.wxs
light salt_x86.wixobj all.wixobj -o salt_x86.msi
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