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Checks if groups is none before extending it

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1 parent 2b61586 commit 0042ac2b37e435031665e2dee454c24929348b96 @mschartman mschartman committed Mar 20, 2013
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@@ -302,7 +302,10 @@ def present(name,
ret['result'] = None
ret['comment'] = 'User {0} set to be added'.format(name)
return ret
- groups.extend(present_optgroups)
+ if groups:
yml added a line comment Mar 20, 2013

It seems to me that we should also check for present_optgroups #4173

line 217 present_optgroups is initialized to None and not to an empty list so it is not an iterable.

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+ groups.extend(present_optgroups)
+ elif present_optgroups:
+ groups = present_optgroups[:]
if __salt__['user.add'](name,

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