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Add a needed extra space so it works on cli

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1 parent 2d4215e commit bbf5cc7f46dc666ed9b30639167e31e1d290d337 @UtahDave UtahDave committed Mar 31, 2013
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Import the repository key.
You can optionally verify the key integrity with ``sha512sum`` using the
public key signature shown here. E.g::
- echo "8b1983fc2d2c55c83e2bbc15d93c3fc090c8e0e92c04ece555a6b6d8ff26de8b4fc2ccbe1bbd16a6357ff86b8b69fd261e90d61350e07a518d50fc9f5f0a1eb3 archive.key" | sha512sum -c
+ echo "8b1983fc2d2c55c83e2bbc15d93c3fc090c8e0e92c04ece555a6b6d8ff26de8b4fc2ccbe1bbd16a6357ff86b8b69fd261e90d61350e07a518d50fc9f5f0a1eb3 archive.key" | sha512sum -c
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