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Commits on Apr 15, 2013
  1. @basepi
Commits on Apr 14, 2013
  1. @thatch45
  2. @thatch45

    update man pages for 0.14.1

    thatch45 committed
Commits on Apr 12, 2013
  1. @thatch45

    Bump branch version to 0.14.1

    thatch45 committed
  2. @basepi

    Fix bad ref from double del()

    basepi committed
  3. @thatch45 @basepi
  4. @thatch45
  5. @thatch45

    Fix client fault in syndic caused by raw returns being sent

    thatch45 committed
    At the wrong times from older minions
  6. @thatch45

    Fix #4319

    thatch45 committed
    The master server's key is reset when the master is restarted, the
    syndic needs to detect this authentecation change and refresh the
    local auth key
Commits on Apr 11, 2013
  1. @s0undt3ch @basepi

    We want sorted configuration files inclusion.

    s0undt3ch committed with basepi
    We want sorted includes so we can define the inclusion order by prefixing the filenames with numbers.
  2. @thatch45 @basepi
  3. @thatch45 @basepi
  4. @thatch45 @basepi
  5. @thatch45 @basepi
  6. @thatch45 @basepi
  7. @thatch45 @basepi
  8. @thatch45 @basepi

    Pass the retcode through on sub ret events

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  9. @thatch45 @basepi

    put the new is_jid function to use

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  10. @thatch45 @basepi

    Add is_jid to utils

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  11. @thatch45 @basepi
  12. @thatch45 @basepi
  13. @thatch45 @basepi
  14. @whiteinge @basepi

    Added leadlander code

    whiteinge committed with basepi
  15. @thatch45 @basepi
  16. @thatch45 @basepi
  17. @thatch45 @basepi
  18. @thatch45 @basepi
  19. @thatch45 @basepi

    Fix #4426

    thatch45 committed with basepi
    This adds a general wrapper to catch uncaught exceptions in master
    processes that could cause master worker procs to die and for bad
    returns to not make it to the minion
  20. @thatch45 @basepi

    A little more pythonic :)

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  21. @ahammond @basepi

    pythonic if else assignment

    ahammond committed with basepi
  22. @melinath @basepi

    Fix #4446.

    melinath committed with basepi
    Update requirements variable to actually hold the local path to the requirements file.
  23. @joehealy @basepi

    Fixed typos

    joehealy committed with basepi
  24. @jcollie @basepi
  25. @thatch45 @basepi
  26. @fabiant7t @basepi

    Exit Salt Minion with return code 0 if its public key got rejected by…

    fabiant7t committed with basepi
    … Salt Master, so that Upstart will not respawn the Salt Minion service forever.
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