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Commits on Jun 1, 2013
  1. @thatch45

    Fix pillar_refresh error

    thatch45 committed
    The cherry-pick was not clean to fix this. but basically after
    refreshing the pillarthe new pillar needs to be loaded into the
  2. @basepi

    Fix modules.useradd so that `home` isn't overloaded with multiple mea…

    jdelic committed with basepi
    and then allow states.user to support `createhome` as an alternative to
    the multiple meanings of `home`.
    This also fixes the edge-case that useradd would under specific
    circumstances create a home directory called "True".
  3. @yinchuan @basepi
  4. @UtahDave @basepi

    bump windows installer version number.

    UtahDave committed with basepi
  5. @UtahDave @basepi

    fix NoneType error

    UtahDave committed with basepi
    Check to make sure user and domain aren't None
  6. @UtahDave @basepi
  7. @cvrebert @basepi
  8. @cvrebert @basepi
  9. @cvrebert @basepi
  10. @UtahDave @basepi

    Add _is_bin to namespaced functions

    UtahDave committed with basepi
    Fixes #5336
  11. @thatch45
Commits on May 31, 2013
  1. @cvrebert @basepi
  2. @cvrebert @basepi
  3. @dgilm @basepi
  4. @dgilm @basepi
  5. @dgilm @basepi
  6. @halfss @basepi

    fixed bug: schedule's return's log is wrong order

    halfss committed with basepi
    [INFO    ] Job local_return using invalid returner: state.highstate Ignoring.
    [INFO    ] Job state.highstate using invalid returner: local_return Ignoring.
  7. @basepi
  8. @basepi
  9. @basepi
  10. @basepi
  11. @basepi

    Add refresh arg to group.getent()

    basepi committed
  12. @zmarano @basepi

    Fix a bug in linux GPU vendor searches. With Intel integrated graphic…

    zmarano committed with basepi
    …s, this function would return 'ati' as the vendor name because 'ati' was in the string Intel Corporation. Change the search to look at a list of strings to match a vendor name. This should work with any of the known vendors at this point in time.
  13. @yinchuan @basepi
  14. @s0undt3ch @basepi

    Disable the methods which require `_abcoll`.

    s0undt3ch committed with basepi
    Let's hope those methods are not used.
  15. @s0undt3ch @basepi
  16. @thatch45 @basepi

    Its a float

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  17. @thatch45 @basepi
  18. @cvrebert @basepi

    rm duplicate entriesin dict literal, except for loop_interval

    cvrebert committed with basepi
    Because the 2 entries for loop_interval disagree on whether it's a float or an int.
  19. @thatch45 @basepi

    Fix #5191

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  20. @thatch45 @basepi

    Re fix #1264

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  21. @thatch45 @basepi

    Last one! Fix #5085

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  22. @thatch45 @basepi

    Fix #5124

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  23. @thatch45 @basepi

    Lower data sent with master_opts

    thatch45 committed with basepi
  24. @thatch45 @basepi

    DOH! Fix #5281

    thatch45 committed with basepi
    I will scurry off to write more tests.....
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