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Commits on Aug 5, 2015
  1. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #26018 from lyft/add-missing-docs2

    cachedout authored
    Add missing module docs
Commits on Aug 4, 2015
  1. @ryan-lane

    Add missing module docs

    ryan-lane authored
  2. @cachedout
  3. @cachedout

    Lint #25935

    cachedout authored
  4. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25935 from whiteinge/cmd-powershell

    cachedout authored
    Add cmd.powershell convenience function for common Powershell operations
  5. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25995 from silenius/patch-1

    cachedout authored
  6. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25943 from gczuczy/issue-19948

    cachedout authored
    Use private interface if there's no public_vlan defined
  7. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25981 from basepi/merge-forward-develop

    cachedout authored
    Merge forward from 2015.8 to develop
  8. @silenius


    silenius authored
    fix typo
Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. @gczuczy

    Use "is" instead of ==

    gczuczy authored
  2. @basepi

    Fix lint

    basepi authored
  3. @basepi

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2015.8' into merge-forward-dev…

    basepi authored
  4. @s0undt3ch

    Merge pull request #25977 from s0undt3ch/develop

    s0undt3ch authored
    Shutdown the multiprocessing logging queue listener
  5. @s0undt3ch
  6. @basepi

    Merge pull request #25902 from basepi/merge-forward-2015.8

    basepi authored
    [2015.8] Merge forward from 2015.5 to 2015.8
  7. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25976 from fleaflicker/patch-1

    cachedout authored
    Typo in help output
  8. @fleaflicker

    Typo in help output

    fleaflicker authored
    "on will be searched"->"one will be search"
  9. @thatch45

    Merge pull request #25956 from alprs/fix-cron_user

    thatch45 authored
    Fix user argument to cron functions
  10. @thatch45

    Merge pull request #25946 from sjorge/esky-decorator-fix

    thatch45 authored
    Fix for salt.utils.decorators under esky
  11. @basepi
  12. @basepi

    Merge pull request #25903 from basepi/merge-forward-develop

    basepi authored
    Merge forward from 2015.8 to develop
  13. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25888 from adelcast/dev/adelcast/add_opkg_module

    cachedout authored
    opkg: add opkg execution module
  14. @basepi

    Py3 compat

    basepi authored
  15. @basepi

    Fix lint

    basepi authored
  16. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25936 from rallytime/one-improvements

    cachedout authored
    Allow the use of *_name in addition to *_id kwargs where possible in OpenNebula
  17. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25957 from alprs/fix-file_managed_checkcmd_remove

    cachedout authored
    Remove temporary file after file.managed with checkcmd
  18. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25761 from AkhterAli/develop

    cachedout authored
    Adding delete_den to delete denied keys  See issue #24836
  19. @rallytime

    Merge pull request #25874 from rallytime/bp-25668

    rallytime authored
    Back-port #25668 to 2015.8
  20. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25929 from sjorge/fix-pkgin-module

    cachedout authored
    salt.module.pkgin's __virtual__() should not return None if pkg_info is not present
  21. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25945 from g0dlike/develop

    cachedout authored
    ability to set target storage for VM
  22. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25950 from s0undt3ch/features/raas-5-salt-ssh

    cachedout authored
    A more graceful salt-master exit + Multiprocessing logging
  23. @cachedout

    Merge pull request #25959 from DaveQB/master

    cachedout authored
    Grammar fix
  24. @s0undt3ch
  25. @s0undt3ch

    Merge pull request #25785 from htch/develop

    s0undt3ch authored
    --state-output and overriding defaults
  26. @anlutro
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