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Commits on May 17, 2013
@thatch45 thatch45 Only pass the retcode out to salt-call if retcode_passthrough is
set, first fix for #4904
@thatch45 thatch45 Add valid_id commit to vulnerability report
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix fomatting 2acabe7
@basepi basepi Fix some pep8 e7f1abf
@basepi basepi Handle leading | in fileclient, Fix #5013 36a6f0c
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch No need to define logger instead if log(which is properly, not signal…
…ed, by pylint). PEP-8 formatting fixes.
@cvrebert cvrebert some copyediting of the stateconf renderer docs 12677ca
@cvrebert cvrebert salt.renderers.stateconf.rst: add more missing spaces before open parens 95e3b51
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5024 2e92850
@basepi basepi Fix check_state_result for salt-call --local, Fix #4904 62fbd3c
@UtahDave UtahDave Add namespaced_function function
This will allow for imported functions to live under
the new global namespace.

Copied directly from saltcloud.utils
@UtahDave UtahDave Properly namespace check_perms 0d52de7
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace get_managed 75ca2dc
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace makedirs_perms f68dfd0
@UtahDave UtahDave add missing import ed503db
@UtahDave UtahDave add missing import 45466dc
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace manage_file 4ee9341
@UtahDave UtahDave import __clean_tmp from ec25997
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace source_list 1a0a71c
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace maor stuff e848d15
@UtahDave UtahDave namespace functions imported from 185fa45
@UtahDave UtahDave remove unnecessary __clean_tmp function c06d686
@UtahDave UtahDave remove unused import, add missing comma 1d8b13e
@UtahDave UtahDave add import tempfile 52c621e
@basepi basepi Remove unnecessary `else` df4c0b4
@basepi basepi Handle args that were previously parsed into lists, Fix #5031 9c2c9e5
@sephii sephii Rename build_whitepace_splited_regex to build_whitespace_split_regex c5976d2
@basepi basepi Use run_all so we get more debug output, Fix #5029 f7fc5de
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5010 7e59870
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #4669 231a0d1
@UtahDave UtahDave freeze numbers f5bf3ba
@basepi basepi Sync the grains on grains.setval, Fix #5009 fc575b6
@basepi basepi Remove extra .splitlines(), Fix #4720 655b4b8
@basepi basepi Fix some pep8 607a589
@basepi basepi Make npm.uninstall and npm.removed more consistent, Fix #4674 b01c52e
@UtahDave UtahDave return proper var
@basepi basepi Fix disk.usage for Darwin (osx), Fix #4958 454d89d
@basepi basepi Do some logic reordering and check for multi-word filesystems c1b576a
@cvrebert cvrebert fix #4682 d6e8572
Corey Quinn Added dctrl-tools to debian packaging 9da1247
@cvrebert cvrebert Fix #4939 c611280
@cvrebert cvrebert capitalize Linux in comments/docs f885e7c
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Import missing lib. Double to single quotes. Minor formatting change. 4f9be59
@basepi basepi Move max open files to info log, not warning 0e88603
@terminalmage terminalmage add missing module import 0e899e3
@basepi basepi Explain how to do a leading `not` in compound matcher 275b70e
@aboe76 aboe76 Fixed multiple pep8 errors in salt-run code
fixed E302 expected 2 blank lines before def ()
fixed E123 closing brackets
fixed W291 trailing whitespace
fixed E128 line under-indented for visual indent

after refactor: no errors
after refacter:pep8 errors left: E501 line too long (102 > 79 characters) E501 line too long (80 > 79 characters) E501 line too long (83 > 79 characters) E501 line too long (96 > 79 characters)
@QuinnyPig QuinnyPig dctrl-tools belongs in depends, not build-depends 7e0ed19
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5052 16ce7c1
@thatch45 thatch45 Start on #5035, still needs support for init.sls a093a92
@cvrebert cvrebert rename to avoid shadowing 'range' built-in 82f39d1
@cvrebert cvrebert rename to avoid shadowing built-in type 'type' 05e9e98
@cvrebert cvrebert rename to avoid shadowing built-in type 'file' 6caa99c
@cvrebert cvrebert simplify by using list comprehensions 48595f4
@UtahDave UtahDave Remove redundant os check
Fixes #5045
@cvrebert cvrebert package -> pkg, to avoid shadowing func of same name baeea6d
@cvrebert cvrebert npm state: installed -> installed_pkgs, to avoid shadowing func of sa…
…me name
@cvrebert cvrebert extfs module: blocks -> free_blocks, to avoid shadowing same-named func 016a87e
@cvrebert cvrebert bluez mod: address -> addr, to avoid shadowing same-named func 7395376
@cvrebert cvrebert auth.ldap: avoid shadowing builtins: dict->variables, filter->filter_ 022e43f
@cvrebert cvrebert debconfmod: type -> type_, to avoid shadowing built-in type 'type' d0332c0
@cvrebert cvrebert pydsl: id -> state_id, to avoid shadowing the built-in func 2986488
@cvrebert cvrebert git mod: status -> state_by_file, to avoid shadowing same-named func cbf2054
@cvrebert cvrebert win_service mod: status -> statuses, to avoid shadowing same-named func 2faeb90
@thatch45 thatch45 Add example to regen keys 0be4a5d
@cvrebert cvrebert grub_legacy: refactor to avoid shadowing conf() function 125d0ab
@cvrebert cvrebert network mod: rename subnets -> subnetworks, to avoid shadowing func 05b50ee
@cvrebert cvrebert file state: refactor to avoid shadowing comment() func; optimization too 1c49a42
@cvrebert cvrebert file state: exists -> extant, to avoid shadowing same-named func c9a614f
@cvrebert cvrebert file mod: rm unnecessary temp var to avoid shadowing outer mkdir() func 548c67e
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #4955 bb7e769
@thatch45 thatch45 fix #4985 6b63e72
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Handle lower msgpack versions which can't handle `OrderedDict`'s. Fixes

Dictionary subclasses were only added to msgpack after 0.2.0(inclusive).
Since `isinstance(OrderedDict(), dict)` returns true, of course, msgpack's custom type handling cannot be used.
The solution is to iterate through the data and convert `OrderedDict`'s to `dict`'s since that's what msgpack also does.
For now, the iteration is a top level one, ie, only first child descendants are evaluated. We won't go deeper unless we get the same failure a little deeper in the nested data.
@shintonik shintonik bugfix: NPM may return JSON arrays which were not supported by the NP…
…M module and the NPM state.
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5092 41678ca
@thatch45 thatch45 Fallback to base per #5092 ec2475d
@basepi basepi Use the 'rev' arg in git.rebase, Fix #4767 2567ac8
@basepi basepi Add to doc examples for remote rebases 504d2b7
@cvrebert cvrebert reg mod: add space after comma to satisfy pylint e566f7c
@cvrebert cvrebert actually stop shadowing e372de1
Commits on May 21, 2013
@cvrebert cvrebert runners.manage: rm unused import of shutil a079c7f
@thatch45 thatch45 Add docstring per #5105 ae29e51
@thatch45 thatch45 Add docstring per #5105 5a4285d
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5105 288a43e
@mguegan mguegan grains/core : fix fqdn / domain return on SunOS systems
getfqdn() on Solaris platforms returns the unqualified hostname. In
that case, using gethostname() could be a solution.

Tested on SmartOS / Solaris 11
@thatch45 thatch45 Single quotes 7909426
@timl timl yumpkg5: Comment indicates this is used on python >= 2.6 instead of <…
… 2.6
@kt97679 kt97679 /usr/bin/env python -> /usr/bin/python in scripts 04b8812
@mguegan mguegan grains/core : add useful information from SmartOS zone
This patch is intended for SmartOS users who are using OS
virtualization. You can now have access to :

- pkgsrcversion

- imageversion
@cvrebert cvrebert have pylint ignore __env__ too 6853da2
@cvrebert cvrebert fix spelling 2b5691b
@cvrebert cvrebert include_config -> configuration, to avoid shadowing same-named func b8fc0af
@cvrebert cvrebert rm unused salt.utils import from openbsdpkg module 98cebf8
@cvrebert cvrebert State.order_chunks(): sort only once instead of twice 48506a5
@cvrebert cvrebert safe_walk: stat -> status, to avoid shadowing the imported 'stat' module b23bb60
@cvrebert cvrebert file state: comment -> comment_, to avoid shadowing outer func bf38f75
@cvrebert cvrebert rename running -> runnings to avoid shadowing; use comprehension e1a27be
@cvrebert cvrebert top -> top_, to avoid shadowing the func a30ed4a
@cvrebert cvrebert high -> high_, to avoid shadowing the func 56d50c0
@cvrebert cvrebert improve var naming in socket_util.IPv4Address init 801ed16
@UtahDave UtahDave add try/except when getting process owner 2777b4f
@UtahDave UtahDave Fix pkg.remove
@mguegan mguegan grains/core : add hw_data support for SunOS kernel type
SmartOS / Solaris systems can now have access to useful hardware
information (from smbios command).

Note : it only works on systems which export SMBIOS table (x86
platforms, Global Zone in SmartOS...). It DOESN'T work on SPARC
platform and inside a SmartOS zone (ie. SmartMachine)
@bclermont bclermont fix git.remote_set usage 0aeb7ea
@thatch45 thatch45 meow?
@iMilnb iMilnb Added NetBSD support to _hw_data b4e781c
@thatch45 thatch45 Can't serialize pydev/stateconf, start on #5055 473c515
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5055 68ed86a
@thatch45 thatch45 Add pydsl runtime test per #5055 9f54be3
@thatch45 thatch45 fix pydsl test f730c7a
@jasonrm jasonrm Fix minor file.recurse doc error
This minor doc error got me stuck for a few more minutes than it should have, better fix it.
@UtahDave UtahDave don't import get_user. Defined locally 94098ef
@mrud mrud Fix spelling errors reported by lintian 3143c62
@agjohnson agjohnson Changes to NetBSD groupadd/useradd
* Add NetBSD to groupadd/useradd
* Add NetBSD exclusion to shadow
* Skip useradd system flag for NetBSD
@thatch45 thatch45 Clean up stray critical logs 9b72656
@thatch45 thatch45 Add get_cache_returns to localclient b7490c5
@thatch45 thatch45 Execute a final check on the job cache with publish system
This is to double check that nothing from the event bus way missed
@cvrebert cvrebert solr mod: fix apparent incomplete var renaming: name->core
discovered via pylint W0631
@cvrebert cvrebert fix other instance in this file e6cb4dd
@cvrebert cvrebert grains.core.saltpath: path -> salt_path, to avoid shadowing same-name…
…d func
@cvrebert cvrebert loader: rename vars to avoid shadowing grains() func 1c2c476
@basepi basepi Don't memoize user.list_groups, Fix #5154 2cb0656
@basepi basepi Log the exception rather than ignoring it, Fix #5160 736d5f2
@terminalmage terminalmage zypper: fix pkg.latest_version
latest_version was using list_upgrades(), which in turn ran
'zypper list-updates'. This, however, does not give information for
packages which are available but are not presently installed. Changed
latest_version so that it parses the output from 'zypper info'.

Fixes #5166.
@UtahDave UtahDave Some small doc improvements for Windows Repo page acdae64
@timl timl Replace human_name with humanname.
The documentation indicates
human_name should hold to a human readble name for the repository.
The code is looking for humanname.
@timl timl pkrgrepo verification fails
When verifying pakages, skip the repo keyword and ensure the
value is a string.  Always fails for gpgcheck with yum.
Mina Naguib jinja2 templates: Enable the 'do' and 'loopcontrols' extensions
See for their documentation
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Don't try to get the `_fmt` attribute if there's no formatter. Refs s… e446f79
@basepi basepi Make explicit context overwrite kwargs for templating, Fix #5161 bb7b36c
Commits on May 22, 2013
@basepi basepi Fix syntax error in jinja context examples
Bad indentation meant it would pass in the pieces of context as part of
the **kwargs, rather than as part of the context kwarg.
@basepi basepi Remove retcode arg from cmd._run, Fix #5112
Checked for external uses, there are none.  Really not sure what it was
gaining us in the first place, but it's been out of use since the fix
for #2640.
@basepi basepi Update up to date with develop branch ce9b6f0
@UtahDave UtahDave Make pkg state work with Windows packages 1b306df
@UtahDave UtahDave add missing globals 8c15c27
@basepi basepi Use .next() instead of dummy loop, Fix #5120 220b207
@basepi basepi Fix my stupidity (leftover `:`) b7b8574
@basepi basepi Improve python3 compatibility with next() built-in 9c6dcd7
@sibsibsib sibsibsib fixed: TypeError in pkg._find_install_targets when version is None 4dd8a9f
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Work around `__file__` `NameError` thrown by `bbfreeze`. Fixes #5172. bdfe22e
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Add `yum` to freezer includes if we can actually freeze it, ie, is it…
… available?
@basepi basepi Update salt.states.pkg to match develop e1e9843
Commits on May 25, 2013
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix bug in minion_publish repair 6d60a9d
@UtahDave UtahDave Get proper Windows full pkg name 8b7d1ba
@sibsibsib sibsibsib fixed: TypeError in pkg._find_install_targets when version is None 32c8178
@basepi basepi Improve python3 compatibility with next() built-in 6e72689
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Ensure mount options in remount come before special + node.
Fixes calls to mount where an fstype is specified.
rballestrini Resolve bug where states/ _run_check() function was mutating cm…
…d_kwargs (using pop function) which caused subsequent cmd's to runas/user = None (default user) instead of specified user.

unless and onlyif break runas user cmd.[run, script, call]

We will supply a patch to resolve
rballestrini Cleaned up _run_checks()'s docstring and return dictionaries comments
@basepi basepi Output an error if no matching sls file is found, Fix #5048 5cdda01
@basepi basepi Fix some pep8 5cd32ef
@basepi basepi Make the error message more readable 6ba2e21
@shadowfax-chc shadowfax-chc Fixed issue with npm.install for npm>=1.2.21. Closes #5189 33cd5e4
@l2ol33rt l2ol33rt Added argument passing to cmd.script state 866980b
@shadowfax-chc shadowfax-chc Fixed shadowing built-in in mdadm module. Ref #5085 dcfe8b2
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Replace `rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch()` with `rpmUtils.arch.getCanonArc…

According to the `rpmUtils.arch` source code, when no argument is passed to `rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch()`, the result should be the same as `rpmUtils.arch.getCanonArch()`. However, in CentOS 6.4 with yum-3.2.29-40.el6.centos.noarch:

>>> import rpmUtils.arch
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch()
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch(None)
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getCanonArch()

This little thing made the `pkg.latest` state fail, and also the `pkg.latest_version` module function.
@faust faust Added correct path for Gentoo iptables config file.
Gentoo also have a service to enforce iptables rules, maybe you can consider to handle it in some way.
I would have done that by myself, but this module looks to be still under heavy development and I don't want to create new issues.
@faust faust A little fix in "file state" documentation 84369b8
@basepi basepi Remove redundant fnmatch call 1ef0b6e
@UtahDave UtahDave Add docstring 589042f
@UtahDave UtahDave Set default broadcast to empty string 8c786ed
@cvrebert cvrebert fix punctuation typo
@cvrebert cvrebert cmd state: add space after comma
************* Module salt.states.cmd
C0324:616,8:script: Comma not followed by a space
        cmd_kwargs.update({'args': name.split(' ',1)[1]})
@thatch45 thatch45 Resolve remaining changes from 84dd900 b59f398
@cvrebert cvrebert pkg state: fix pylint W0604
************* Module salt.states.pkg
W0604: 48,4: Using the global statement at the module level
@thatch45 thatch45 Clean up subset merge c36caef
@UtahDave UtahDave Don't use a bare exception 27e9239
@basepi basepi Add line number to Jinja errors, Fix #4966
Thanks to @Mrten to figuring this one out.  =)
@basepi basepi Clean up the error message 8473f46
@kvbik kvbik be consistent about .override use
disabling of service is correct, but checking whether
it is disabled is not

upstart service is disabled by creating {service-name}.override file
and adding a 'manual' stanza there [1]

@basepi basepi Add new ref logic to _get_ref as well 6518d86
@basepi basepi Parse kwargs with YAML, Fix #5224
@thatch45 thatch45 Revert "Handle args that were previously parsed into lists, Fix #5031"
This reverts commit 773fda0.
@thatch45 thatch45 All kwvals are parsed before reaching functions now
Fix test failures from #5031 773fda0
@thatch45 thatch45 Revert "add try/except when getting process owner"
This reverts commit 4e71d74.
Commits on May 28, 2013
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Fix command on FreeBSD.
Uses `mount -p` on FreeBSD as neither of the `/proc/self` files
currently used to determine active mounts exist on FreeBSD systems.
@geoffgarside geoffgarside Ensure mount options come before special and node.
Fixes calls to mount where an fstype is specified.
@valentinbud valentinbud Update GitFS Backend Walkthrough to include GitFS over SSH
A small description on how to configure GitFS over SSH transport.
@basepi basepi Allow slashes in gitfs envs, Fix #5007 ce73a98
@UtahDave UtahDave Add docstring to interface() b1493c8
@basepi basepi Use yamlify_arg() in more places e0f32d3
@UtahDave UtahDave Fix failing test for checking get_owner d618c33
@UtahDave UtahDave Set vars to none instead of empty string 58e6651
@cvrebert cvrebert fix ye olde English typoe 659c911
@thatch45 thatch45 Catch case where format_call stack traces and the trace is safe 092177b
@mguegan mguegan module/timezone : add Solaris family support
This commit will add the support of TZ for Solaris platforms.

Tested with SmartOS
@mguegan mguegan Pull #5264 : get rid of re.match as @cvrebert pointed out d73595b
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Typo. ce57c5d
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5218 d0949f8
@mprymek mprymek Import salt.utils.winapi d902b9a
@basepi basepi Import both for completeness
Importing `salt.util.winapi` does import `salt.util` as well.  However,
having both explicitly shows that both are being used, and matches the
pattern we use elsewhere.  Additionally, as far as I know it doesn't
have any real performance costs, as it doesn't reimport `salt.utils` if
it's already loaded.
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix for #4920, needs to confirm 1606c5c
@thatch45 thatch45 Add vars reference document. Fix #5220 33235b6
@mgwilliams mgwilliams modules/ use qemu-img to detect image type; allow emulator ty…
…pe (e.g., kvm, qemu) to be passed as an arg to init
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Only load module if windows required imports are available.
Seems the way to do it and also stops an import traceback to be logged on Linux when importing `salt.utils.winapi`.
@thatch45 thatch45 Update the loop_interval to 1, we have to play around with this
@thatch45 thatch45 Add loop_interval to minion config for tests a79a907
@thatch45 thatch45 Don't pass jid in non-full return per #4402 8ac077b
@toddejohnson toddejohnson Fix xinetd service name to not have appended : in service name. dc527d8
Commits on May 29, 2013
@thatch45 thatch45 Revert "Use yamlify_arg() in more places"
This reverts commit 663176a.
@thatch45 thatch45 bump version to 0.15.2 35ab99e
Commits on May 31, 2013
@thatch45 thatch45 make gem test ref non func alias b2b358c
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix ref no non func alias in rvm test abfa301
@thatch45 thatch45 Single quotes 486cfe1
@cvrebert cvrebert network mod: "not X in Y" => "X not in Y" fd1bc0e
@yinchuan yinchuan Node Groups: ',, or bl*.d…
…' not 'and'

use 'and' at this confuse me, and in the also use 'or'.
@thatch45 thatch45 list_, not _list e96019e
@aboe76 aboe76 suse package updated to 0.15.2
added salt user for salt-master daemon process
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix misleading documentation on the env option for
Fix #5275
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch We can't use `getCanonArch()` after all.
Under a Fedora 18 machine for which the `cpuarch` grain reports `x86_64`:

>>> import rpmUtils.arch
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getCanonArch()
>>> rpmUtils.arch.legitMultiArchesInSameLib()
['x86_64', 'amd64', 'ia32e']
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch()

Under a CentOS 6.4 for which the `cpuarch` grain reports `i686`:
>>> import rpmUtils.arch
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getCanonArch()
>>> rpmUtils.arch.legitMultiArchesInSameLib()
>>> rpmUtils.arch.getBaseArch()

The only common recipe seems to be using `legitMultiArchesInSameLib()`
@basepi basepi Force autosign regex to match entire string, Fix #4851 bb59399
@thatch45 thatch45 Use an alternative modules file on Arch
This fixes #5274 but more investegation wrt where this should
be and on what OSes/kernel versions needs investigation.
@thatch45 thatch45 Add validation logs for the configs, fix #5271 f70985a
@thatch45 thatch45 Allow custom grain modules to override values defined in core
Fix #5254
@thatch45 thatch45 Only care about sudo origin if calling fully authenticated
This makes Salt only pass the sudo reference down in the event that
the user being sudoed to is considered by salt to be a fully
authentecated user, fix #5245
@thatch45 thatch45 DOH! Fix #5281
I will scurry off to write more tests.....
@thatch45 thatch45 Lower data sent with master_opts 611223b
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5124 ef5becd
@thatch45 thatch45 Last one! Fix #5085 e46e99a
@thatch45 thatch45 Re fix #1264 08979f9
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix #5191 c629d0a
@cvrebert cvrebert rm duplicate entriesin dict literal, except for loop_interval
Because the 2 entries for loop_interval disagree on whether it's a float or an int.
@thatch45 thatch45 Use detect_kwargs in runner, fix #5259 8a8fc59
@thatch45 thatch45 Its a float 7eadc0d
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Switched to a fixed and more complete `OrderedDict` recipe. Fixes #4912. 6716731
@s0undt3ch s0undt3ch Disable the methods which require `_abcoll`.
Let's hope those methods are not used.
@yinchuan yinchuan modify a sentence for more accurate cce742f
@zmarano zmarano Fix a bug in linux GPU vendor searches. With Intel integrated graphic…
…s, this function would return 'ati' as the vendor name because 'ati' was in the string Intel Corporation. Change the search to look at a list of strings to match a vendor name. This should work with any of the known vendors at this point in time.
@basepi basepi Add refresh arg to group.getent() 770b5d7
@basepi basepi Add refresh option to the other group.getent() instances ec8ac75
@basepi basepi Enumerate removed groups in user.absent state, Fix #5310 e6a6869
@basepi basepi Access the group data correctly (it was reformatted) aeb6a67
@basepi basepi Actually format the string so it's useful 6c7fe74
@halfss halfss fixed bug: schedule's return's log is wrong order
[INFO    ] Job local_return using invalid returner: state.highstate Ignoring.

[INFO    ] Job state.highstate using invalid returner: local_return Ignoring.
@dgilm dgilm fix fail invoking salt as restricted user 4981fa2
@dgilm dgilm filter outputs begining with '***' (lshell errors) 2a7d4f4
@dgilm dgilm use regex in order to match lspci output format 6359115
@cvrebert cvrebert Say it with me now: Use raw strings for regexes! 87f50dc
@cvrebert cvrebert runner: rm unused import of `inspect` std lib module 7545e9d
Commits on Jun 01, 2013
@thatch45 thatch45 func_alias changes were not merged back to 0.15 24879cf
@UtahDave UtahDave Add _is_bin to namespaced functions
Fixes #5336
@cvrebert cvrebert Add explanatory comment based on #5235 88eef15
@cvrebert cvrebert clarify that states.cmd.wait{,_call,_script} ignoring their args is O…
…K; see #5123
@cvrebert cvrebert Correct arg ordering in docstring afb3120
@UtahDave UtahDave Add try/except to not fail on missing info
Fixes #5334
@UtahDave UtahDave fix NoneType error
Check to make sure user and domain aren't None
@UtahDave UtahDave bump windows installer version number.
@yinchuan yinchuan add resource limits in salt-master.upstart to correct issuse #5323 a3c96f6
jdelic Fix modules.useradd so that `home` isn't overloaded with multiple mea…

and then allow states.user to support `createhome` as an alternative to
the multiple meanings of `home`.

This also fixes the edge-case that useradd would under specific
circumstances create a home directory called "True".
@thatch45 thatch45 Fix pillar_refresh error
The cherry-pick was not clean to fix this. but basically after
refreshing the pillarthe new pillar needs to be loaded into the