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Unable to checkout external pillar git repo using its git tag #38310

ghost opened this Issue Dec 16, 2016 · 3 comments


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ghost commented Dec 16, 2016

Description of Issue/Question

Unable to checkout external pillar git repo using its git tag. However, using branch names works, and even fetching the repo by its tag works.


This is the format of the ext_pillar configuration used:

git_pillar_provider: pygit2
git_pillar_base: <repo tag>

  - git:
    - <repo_tag> <repo>:
      - root: pillars
      - pubkey: /etc/salt/ssh/
      - privkey: /etc/salt/ssh/id_rsa


2016-12-16 14:38:09,739 [salt.utils.gitfs ][DEBUG   ][67] git_pillar received 1532 objects for remote '<repo tag> <repo>'


2016-12-16 14:38:21,276 [salt.utils.gitfs ][ERROR   ][70] Failed to checkout <repo tag> from git_pillar remote '<repo tag> <repo>': local variable 'target_sha' referenced before assignment
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/salt/utils/", line 1088, in checkout
    if head_sha != target_sha:
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'target_sha' referenced before assignment

Versions Report

Salt Version:
           Salt: 2015.8.8

Dependency Versions:
         Jinja2: 2.7.2
       M2Crypto: 0.21.1
           Mako: Not Installed
         PyYAML: 3.11
          PyZMQ: 15.3.0
         Python: 2.7.5 (default, Sep 15 2016, 22:37:39)
           RAET: Not Installed
        Tornado: 4.2.1
            ZMQ: 4.1.4
           cffi: Not Installed
       cherrypy: Not Installed
       dateutil: Not Installed
          gitdb: Not Installed
      gitpython: Not Installed
          ioflo: Not Installed
        libgit2: Not Installed
        libnacl: Not Installed
   msgpack-pure: Not Installed
 msgpack-python: 0.4.8
   mysql-python: Not Installed
      pycparser: Not Installed
       pycrypto: 2.6.1
         pygit2: Not Installed
   python-gnupg: Not Installed
          smmap: Not Installed
        timelib: Not Installed

System Versions:
           dist: centos 7.2.1511 Core
        machine: x86_64
        release: 3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64
         system: CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 Core

The problem seems to happen because in the checkout def in PyGit2 uses target_sha instead of tag_sha when comparing to head_sha (see below).

 elif tag_ref in refs:
                tag_obj = self.repo.revparse_single(tag_ref)
                if not isinstance(tag_obj, pygit2.Tag):
                        '%s does not correspond to pygit2.Tag object',
                        # If no AttributeError raised, this is an annotated tag
                        tag_sha =
                    except AttributeError:
                            tag_sha = tag_obj.hex
                        except AttributeError:
                            # Shouldn't happen, but could if a future pygit2
                            # API change breaks things.
                                'Unable to resolve %s from %s remote \'%s\' '
                                'to either an annotated or non-annotated tag',
                                tag_ref, self.role,,
                            return None

                    if head_sha != target_sha:
                        if not _perform_checkout(local_ref, branch=False):
                            return None

                    # Return the relative root, if present
return self.check_root()

This portion of code is present since v2015.8.0.


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Ch3LL commented Dec 16, 2016

@LinoCarrillo thanks for the PR! once the pr has been reviewed and merged please feel free to close or we can.

@Ch3LL Ch3LL added this to the Approved milestone Dec 16, 2016


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ghost commented Dec 20, 2016

@Ch3LL I closed the PR since it didn't fully fix the problem. Also, after rebasing with 2016.3, I'm encountering an issue where the external pillar attempts to checkout before fetching, resulting in a failed checkout. My fix seems to work based on 2015.8 though. I'll try to create some containers showing these behaviours.


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Ch3LL commented Dec 22, 2016

@LinoCarrillo yes containers would be great. Would greatly appreciate that to help replicate the issue on our end and find a fix if you don't get to one.

linoplt added a commit to linoplt/salt that referenced this issue Jul 19, 2018

@rallytime rallytime closed this in b0157c2 Aug 1, 2018

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