IPv6 Network states is incomplete #38672

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Description of Issue/Question

I'm trying to deploy IPv6 Addresses to my minions, but following documentation, it doesn't work.

I have looked at states/modules in develop branch about networking and debian.IP but can't be able to find some usefull thinks for v6.


networking.sls :

    - name: lo
    - type: eth
    - onboot: yes
    - userctl: no
    - ipv6_autoconf: no
    - enable_ipv6: true
    - ipv6addrs:
      - fc00::1/128

The output in /etc/networking/interfaces :

auto lo
iface lo inet6 static
    netmask 64

Steps to Reproduce Issue

(Include debug logs if possible and relevant.)

Versions Report

(Provided by running salt --versions-report. Please also mention any differences in master/minion versions.)

Salt Version:
           Salt: 2016.11.1

Dependency Versions:
           cffi: Not Installed
       cherrypy: Not Installed
       dateutil: 2.4.2
          gitdb: 0.6.4
      gitpython: 1.0.1
          ioflo: Not Installed
         Jinja2: 2.8
        libgit2: Not Installed
        libnacl: Not Installed
       M2Crypto: Not Installed
           Mako: 1.0.3
   msgpack-pure: Not Installed
 msgpack-python: 0.4.6
   mysql-python: Not Installed
      pycparser: Not Installed
       pycrypto: 2.6.1
         pygit2: Not Installed
         Python: 2.7.12 (default, Nov 19 2016, 06:48:10)
   python-gnupg: Not Installed
         PyYAML: 3.11
          PyZMQ: 15.2.0
           RAET: Not Installed
          smmap: 0.9.0
        timelib: Not Installed
        Tornado: 4.2.1
            ZMQ: 4.1.4

System Versions:
           dist: Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
        machine: x86_64
        release: 4.4.0-57-generic
         system: Linux
        version: Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
Ch3LL commented Jan 11, 2017

Does it work if you change it to - ipv6ipaddr: fc00::1/128 ?

@Ch3LL Ch3LL added the Info Needed label Jan 11, 2017
@Ch3LL Ch3LL added this to the Blocked milestone Jan 11, 2017

Hi, Same result here :

auto lo
iface lo inet6 static
    netmask 64
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