cache_sreqs logic was removed from the code base #38685

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jackywu commented Jan 11, 2017

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Even the 'cache_sreqs' options still appear in DEFAULT_MASTER_OPTS and DEFAULT_MINION_OPTS, but there was no any code use this option. That's so strange.


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Ch3LL commented Jan 12, 2017

@jackywu thanks for bringing this to our attention as well, it seems this was stripped out in the following pr:

The argument was originally added here #16838

ping @jacksontj any thoughts on this? Was this intentional to leave this out or should we be removing this argument/docuemtnation all together?

@Ch3LL Ch3LL added this to the Blocked milestone Jan 12, 2017

During that PR the entire transport system was rewritten, and that feature wasn't re-implemented. I'm not sure if there is a use-case for wanting to always create new sessions or not. If not, then we can just clean out the docs for this feature (as it doesn't exist) if there is a use-case for this we would need to rename the option (since sreq doesn't make sense in the new system) and implement it in the plugin API.

IMO we probably shouldn't have this option at all-- so I'd personally just remove the config + docs for it.

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