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mdadm error in raid.present #43517

prutschman opened this Issue Sep 15, 2017 · 6 comments


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prutschman commented Sep 15, 2017

Description of Issue/Question

raid.present invokes mdadm with inappropriate options during assembly


        - level: 0
        - devices:
            - /dev/sdb
            - /dev/sdc
        - chunk: 256
        - run: True

Steps to Reproduce Issue

salt-ssh <myhost> state.apply <mystate>
Excerpt of output:

          ID: ssd_bulk_raid
    Function: raid.present
      Result: False
     Comment: Raid ssd_bulk_raid failed to be assembled.
     Started: 16:48:23.038326
    Duration: 70.032 ms

from salt-call.log on target machine:

2017-09-14 16:48:23,094 [][ERROR   ][11953] Command '['mdadm', '-A', 'ssd_bulk_raid', '-v', '--chunk', 256, '--run', '/dev/sdb', '/dev/sdc']' failed with return code: 2
2017-09-14 16:48:23,094 [][ERROR   ][11953] output: mdadm: :option --chunk not valid in assemble mode
2017-09-14 16:48:23,107 [salt.state       ][ERROR   ][11953] Raid ssd_bulk_raid failed to be assembled.

I believe the problem may be in


Lines 134 to 137 in 792cc0e

if do_assemble:

The chunk size is passed through to raid.assemble as a kwarg, but chunk is not a valid assembly option.

Versions Report

This is using salt-ssh, no masters.

salt-ssh 2017.7.1 (Nitrogen)

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garethgreenaway commented Sep 15, 2017

@prutschman Thanks for the report. Looks like it is potentially a quick fix if you're able to submit a PR, it would be greatly appreciated.


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prutschman commented Sep 18, 2017

@garethgreenaway I'm not familiar with Salt's architecture, so I don't know if this is how you'd typically handle a case like this. I'm dropping the chunk argument if present but only in the state module, and only when passing to the assemble command.


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BadgerOps commented Jan 9, 2018

Howdy, I just ran across this same issue and manually applied @prutschman 's patch (it works!). I'd like to see this merged and would be happy to test if there's any edge cases that need to be checked first @garethgreenaway



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benceszikora commented Jun 11, 2018

@garethgreenaway I just ran into the same thing as well and the patch does seem to fix the issue, does this PR need any more testing?


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SEJeff commented Jun 11, 2018

@prutschman can you open the PR against the saltstack/salt repo, and not against your fork?

One of my coworkers ran into this exact issue and I came in here to find the bug and write a fix. Since you've already written one, it makes sense to get credit as a contributor!


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junster1 commented Jun 13, 2018

@prutschman we ran into this issue also, can you submit a PR against upstream?

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