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Only allow certain linux systems to run keyboard module #11013

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Previously, all non-windows systems were allowed to run this module, but it doesn't work with OS X.

I confirmed with @techhat that he wrote this module to only work for Arch, Redhat, Debian, and Gentoo families.


@techhat I changed the docstring to reflect POSIX-like systems :)

@techhat techhat merged commit c42cb6b into saltstack:develop

Test FAILed.
Refer to this link for build results:


Test FAILed.
Refer to this link for build results:

@rallytime rallytime deleted the rallytime:keyboard_fix branch
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  1. +15 −10 salt/modules/
25 salt/modules/
@@ -1,24 +1,23 @@
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
-Module for managing keyboards on POSIX-like systems.
+Module for managing keyboards on supported POSIX-like systems such as
+Arch, Redhat, Debian, and Gentoo systems.
# Import python libs
import logging
-# Import salt libs
-import salt.utils
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def __virtual__():
- Only work on POSIX-like systems
+ Only work on supported POSIX-like systems
- if salt.utils.is_windows():
+ if __grains__['os_family'] in ('Arch', 'Redhat', 'Debian', 'Gentoo'):
+ return 'keyboard'
+ else:
return False
- return 'keyboard'
def get_sys():
@@ -58,11 +57,17 @@ def set_sys(layout):
if 'Arch' in __grains__['os_family']:
__salt__['']('localectl set-keymap {0}'.format(layout))
elif 'RedHat' in __grains__['os_family']:
- __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/sysconfig/keyboard', '^LAYOUT=.*', 'LAYOUT={0}'.format(layout))
+ __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/sysconfig/keyboard',
+ '^LAYOUT=.*',
+ 'LAYOUT={0}'.format(layout))
elif 'Debian' in __grains__['os_family']:
- __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/default/keyboard', '^XKBLAYOUT=.*', 'XKBLAYOUT={0}'.format(layout))
+ __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/default/keyboard',
+ '^XKBLAYOUT=.*',
+ 'XKBLAYOUT={0}'.format(layout))
elif 'Gentoo' in __grains__['os_family']:
- __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/conf.d/keymaps', '^keymap=.*', 'keymap={0}'.format(layout))
+ __salt__['file.sed']('/etc/conf.d/keymaps',
+ '^keymap=.*',
+ 'keymap={0}'.format(layout))
return layout
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