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Add profile block and profiling of import_* jinja calls #57850

merged 4 commits into from Oct 5, 2020


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@jfindlay jfindlay commented Jul 1, 2020

Originally from @ferringb.

What does this PR do?

Add the profile jinja block to enable profiling of individual lines or blocks within sls files and enable the same profile mechanism for import_yaml, import_json, import_text.

What issues does this PR fix or reference?

Fixes: #57849


When working with a very large codebase, it becomes more important to trace inefficiencies with state and pillar render times. The profile jinja block enables the user to get finely detailed information on the most expensive areas in the codebase.



# tree /srv/salt/
├── data.sls
└── example.sls

0 directories, 2 files
# cat /srv/salt/data.sls 
{%- profile as 'render import' %}
  {%- profile as 'compute imported data' %}
    {%- set values = {'counter': 0} %}
    {%- for i in range(524288) %}
      {%- do values.update({'counter': i}) %}
    {%- endfor %}
  {%- endprofile %}

  {%- profile as 'define imported data' %}
data: {{ values['counter'] }}
  {%- endprofile %}
{%- endprofile %}
# cat /srv/salt/example.sls 
{%- import_yaml 'data.sls' as imported %}

{%- profile as 'local data' %}
  {%- set local_data = {'counter': 0} %}
  {%- for i in range(313377) %}
    {%- do local_data.update({'counter': i}) %}
  {%- endfor %}
{%- endprofile %}

    - name: |-
        printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '{{ local_data['counter'] }}' '{{ imported['data'] }}'


The ***asterisked lines*** below are new and correspond to the profile blocks in the code above.

# salt-call --local -l profile state.apply example
[WARNING ] Insecure logging configuration detected! Sensitive data may be logged.
[INFO    ] Loading fresh modules for state activity
***[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render profile block 'compute imported data': 1.5444426536560059***
***[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render profile block 'define imported data': 1.52587890625e-05***
***[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render profile block 'render import': 1.5447514057159424***
***[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render import_yaml 'data.sls': 1.5500736236572266***
***[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render profile block 'local data': 0.9385035037994385***
[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render '/var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/example.sls' using 'jinja' renderer: 2.5143165588378906
[PROFILE ] Time (in seconds) to render '/var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/example.sls' using 'yaml' renderer: 0.0009343624114990234
[INFO    ] Running state [printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287'] at time 07:35:09.840141
[INFO    ] Executing state for [printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287']
[INFO    ] Executing command 'printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287'' in directory '/root'
[INFO    ] {'stderr': '', 'pid': 285, 'stdout': 'local data: 313376\nimported data: 524287', 'retcode': 0}
[INFO    ] Completed state [printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287'] at time 07:35:09.846389 (duration_in_ms=6.249)
          ID: test
        Name: printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287'
      Result: True
     Comment: Command "printf 'local data: %s\nimported data: %s' '313376' '524287'" run
     Started: 07:35:09.840140
    Duration: 6.249 ms
                  local data: 313376
                  imported data: 524287

Summary for local
Succeeded: 1 (changed=1)
Failed:    0
Total states run:     1
Total run time:   6.249 ms

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@jfindlay jfindlay requested a review from a team as a code owner July 1, 2020 08:27
@ghost ghost requested review from xeacott and removed request for a team July 1, 2020 08:27
@jfindlay jfindlay force-pushed the jfindlay/jinja-profile branch 4 times, most recently from 41a24b0 to 757daa5 Compare July 1, 2020 18:42
@sagetherage sagetherage added Feature new functionality including changes to functionality and code refactors, etc. Magnesium Mg release after Na prior to Al labels Jul 22, 2020
cmcmarrow previously approved these changes Aug 6, 2020
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@cmcmarrow cmcmarrow left a comment

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Looks good thanks for the PR!

For some of the more complex salt code--or when salt functions lack
timing stats themselves--it's desirable to be able to do thus:
{%- profile as 'inner test' %}
< jinja-code >
{%- endprofile %}
And get a log line like thus:
2019-08-05 22:10:59,531 [salt.utils.jinja ][PROFILE ][26803] Time (in seconds) to render profile block 'inner test': 5.96046447754e-06

This commit adds a new `profile` block tag that emits these log

The same machinery used to support the `profile` block tag is also wired
into `import_*` blocks.  For example:
{%- import grains.sls as 'blah' %}
results in the following log statement:
2019-08-05 22:10:59,542 [salt.utils.jinja ][PROFILE ][26803] Time (in seconds) to render import_yaml 'grains.sls': 0.0106961727142
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Contributor Author

The pre-commit errors are not from my changes. It looks like you've enforced CI style checks before refactoring the codebase.

dwoz approved these changes Oct 5, 2020
@dwoz dwoz merged commit f79cc35 into saltstack:master Oct 5, 2020
26 checks passed
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Feature new functionality including changes to functionality and code refactors, etc. has-failing-test Magnesium Mg release after Na prior to Al
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[FEATURE REQUEST] Add ability to profile jinja code
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