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This is tested on master/minion for add/remove ssh_auth with options. It adds 're' to the ssh module, perhaps you don't want that. All I have done is separated they key into two possible states "{options} key" where options is 0 or more options.

trane added some commits Mar 20, 2012
@trane trane Refactor ssh verify line to smartly parse extra options
Lines in an ssh auth key can begin like this:
tunnel="1",command="sh /etc/netstart tun1" ssh-rsa
Need to separate the parsing of options from the key. This patch groups the ssh
auth key line into two parts, [{options}* key]
@trane trane Add second param to search()
Somehow forgot this from the transition from dev branch to develop
@trane trane Remove redudant options check
Now that we are handling option parsing separately, no need for the option check
@thatch45 thatch45 merged commit 28ea48b into saltstack:develop Mar 20, 2012
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