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Latest commit a45d869 @llua llua zsh-completion: improved cache validation
allows a user to control how long to keep various caches without
defining their own function to override ours.

The default duration was changed from 7 days to 1 day. which seems a bit
more useful for people who don't have a static number of hosts like
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arch Merged salt-api into Salt
darwin Add /usr/local/bin to $PATH in salt-minion plist
fish-completions [fish shell completion] updated comments
freeze PEP8 for packaging
macports/ports/sysutils/salt Update Macports Portfile
openbsd Correcting exec for salt-minion on OpenBSD
rpm Removing $? after "echo" for other startup scripts
shar Add additional information to the comments for the shar script
smartos Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2015.8' into merge-forward-dev…
solaris pkg/solaris : fix typo on salt-master's manifest
suse Merge branch '2015.8' into develop
windows Fixed the script... something got broke...
salt-api.service salt-api.service:LimitNOFILE=8192
salt-api.upstart add upstart
salt-common.logrotate remove wildcard stanza
salt-master.service Use systemd-notify on systems without python2 systemd bindings
salt-master.upstart remove problematic expect fork
salt-master.upstart.rhel6 Remove "su -c" from upstart scripts
salt-minion.service Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2015.2' into merge-forward-dev…
salt-minion.upstart Remove "su -c" from upstart scripts
salt-minion.upstart.rhel6 Remove "su -c" from upstart scripts
salt-syndic.service salt-api.service:LimitNOFILE=8192
salt-syndic.upstart Remove "su -c" from upstart scripts
salt-syndic.upstart.rhel6 Remove "su -c" from upstart scripts
salt.bash Remove remaining `exsel` code
salt.postrm do not force rm of conf files
salt.ufw install bash completion and UFW firewall config
zsh_completion.zsh zsh-completion: improved cache validation
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