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@@ -16,11 +16,12 @@ Residual Team
Torbjorn Andersson - Various code fixes
Ori Avtalion - Lipsync, LAF support
- Marcus Comstedt - Dreamcast port
+ Marcus Comstedt - Initial Dreamcast port
Andrea Corna - Improved font support, patch extractor
Jonathan Gray - Various code fixes
+ Yaron Tausky - Fixes to subtitles
Vincent Hamm - Various engine code
- Erich Hoover - x86-64, various fixes and comments, menu
+ Erich Hoover - x86-64 fixes, various fixes and comments, menu
support, improved state support
Travis Howell - Various code fixes, Windows port
Joost Peters - Various code fixes
@@ -31,40 +32,56 @@ Residual Team
ScummVM code
- Residual use some ScummVM common code. Copyrights for this code belongs to
+ Residual use some ScummVM code. Copyrights for this code belongs to
persons listed below. If you are missed in this list contact us and we'll
add you.
Torbjorn Andersson
Chris Apers
Bertrand Augereau
+ Yotam Barnoy
James Brown
Jamieson Christian
+ David Corrales-Lopez
+ Oystein Eftevaag
Robert Goeffringmann
+ Paul Gilbert
Jonathan Gray
Vincent Hamm
Ruediger Hanke
+ Sven Hesse
+ Matthew Hoops
Max Horn
+ Florian Kagerer
Filippos Karapetis
Oliver Kiehl
Pawel Kolodziejski
Andrew Kurushin
+ Vicent Marti
Claudio Matsuoka
Gregory Montoir
Kostas Nakos
+ Chris Page
Willem Jan Palenstijn
Lars Persson
+ Joost Peters
+ Jordi Vilalta Prat
Kari Salminen
Eugene Sandulenko
Johannes Schickel
Ludvig Strigeus
Lionel Ulmer
+ Jody Northup
Jordi Vilalta
Robin Watts
+Website (code)
+ Fredrik Wendel
Special thanks to
The LUA developers, for creating a nice compact script interpreter.

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