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Yet another task manager built with Firebase, Next.js, React, Redux, styled-components, Reactstrap (Bootstrap 4 alpha), Flow, and Prettier.


  • Uses Firebase password authentication, Google authentication, and anonymous authentication when a user does not sign in.
  • Uses the Firebase database to persist tasks.
  • Next.js supports server-side rendering but I'm not taking advantage of this because I could not figure out how to configure Firebase auth on the server side.
  • I'm a fan of using Redux for React applications. I think it makes complicated interactions easy to follow and debug. However, Redux is not good at handling complicated asynchronous side effects. I use redux-thunk a little to sequence asynchronous actions and async+await in some places. I tried to keep it's usage to a minimum because it is easy to misuse/overuse. I've played with redux-saga and it seems good. Maybe I will use it if I build something more complicated.
  • Uses my own redux-promise-memo library. It contains promise middleware copied from Gluestick, a reducer to store arguments for "memoization" and API status, and a memoize decorator which will prevent firing a promise-based action if has already been fired with the same arguments. "memoization" is in quotes because it does not manage storing the cached data. It only manages whether to dispatch the action or not. Assume the user has stored the data in Redux.
  • Initially I didn't understand how to use styled-components. Later I realized styled components could be used in place of sub objects in a styles object for a component when using e.g. Radium or Aphrodite. I like how it makes the JSX look clean. I've heard performance is a weakness of styled-components but they are working to improve it.
  • I'm a former backend developer so I don't know how to make things pretty. I guess I'll go with Bootstrap.
  • Flow has a lot of pain points but in-editor feedback is useful and it helps me write simpler code.
  • Prettier is great.

Try it

Run the dev server

All the commands below were run with Node.js 6.10 and yarn 0.24 on OS X 10.11.

$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ yarn dev
$ # open http://localhost:3000 in the browser

Run some component benchmarks

Benchmarking code was copied from threehams

$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ yarn benchmark

Run webpack-bundle-analyzer

$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ yarn analyze

Run Prettier

$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ yarn prettier

Export a static site

$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ yarn export
$ # serve contents of the `/out` directory

Deploy to cloud using now

$ # install now from
$ git clone
$ cd kage
$ yarn
$ now


Yet another task manager built with Firebase, Next.js, React, Redux, styled-components, Reactstrap, Flow, and Prettier







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