Real-time (Nginx, PHP, syslog, "mysqladmin extended") log file analysis and plotting using Python, mongoDB, Orbited, and flot
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What it does

  • Stores log file data from multiple remote hosts to MongoDB
    • Creates processes that ssh to a remote host and run "tail --follow=name" on the log file
    • Parses the log file using Regular Expressions
    • Stores the data in MongoDB
  • Queries MongoDB for interesting statistics e.g.:
    • Requests/mintute
    • Cache hit rate
    • Count of HTTP 500 statuses
    • Average upstream response time
    • MySQL questions/second
  • Creates real-time plots in a web browser


  • MongoDB
  • PyMongo
  • Orbited
  • Twisted
  • stompservice
  • flot
  • a few more in pip-requirements.txt

To use it

  • Copy to and edit it
  • Start mongod
  • Start orbited
  • In first terminal, run ""
  • In second terminal, run ""

Problems / Limitations

  • Leaves "mysqladmin extended" processes running on remote host
  • The bulk of this is set up for my custom Nginx log file (but it is easy to write your own custom sources, parsers, and analyzers.