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⚡ Electron + Nuxt.js ⚡
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Build an Electron + Nuxt.js app for speed ⚡

(The screenshot above is a top page of examples/with-vuetify.)

My Belief for Nuxtron

  1. Show a way of developing desktop apps only web knowledge
  2. Easy to use
  3. Open to OSS developers

Otherwise Specified

  • If you need more performance with Electron, you should see these boilerplates
  • If you want to use Nuxtron as production, please take responsibility for your actions
  • But, if you have any troubles, questions or ideas, I'll support you, I promise



$ npm install --global nuxtron

Create Application

To create <MY-APP>, just run the command below:

$ nuxtron init <MY-APP>

Create Application with Template

You can use examples/* apps as a template.

To create the examples/with-vuetify app, run the command below:

$ nuxtron init <MY-APP> --template with-vuetify

Run Electron with Development Mode

Run npm run dev, and nuxtron automatically launches an electron app.

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "node build/nuxtron.js"

Production Build

Run npm run build, and nuxtron outputs packaged bundles under the dist folder.

  "scripts": {
    "build": "node build/nuxtron.js build"

Build Options

To build Windows 32 bit version, run npm run build:win32 like below:

  "scripts": {
    "build": "node build/nuxtron.js build",
    "build:all": "node build/nuxtron.js build --all",
    "build:win32": "node build/nuxtron.js build --win --ia32",
    "build:win64": "node build/nuxtron.js build --win --x64",
    "build:mac": "node build/nuxtron.js build --mac --x64",
    "build:linux": "node build/nuxtron.js build --linux"

CAUTION: To build macOS binary, your host machine must be macOS!

Build Configuration

Edit package.json#build properties for custom build configuration.

  "build": {
    "appId": "com.example.nuxtron",
    "productName": "My Nuxtron App",
    "copyright": "Copyright © 2019 Yoshihide Shiono",
    "directories": {
      "output": "dist",
      "buildResources": "resources"
    "publish": null

For more information, please check out electron-builder official configuration documents.


See examples folder for more information.

Or you can start the example app by nuxtron init <app-name> --template <example-dirname>.

To list all examples, just type the command below:

$ nuxtron list


$ nuxtron init my-app --template custom-build-options


$ nuxtron init my-app --template with-element-ui


$ nuxtron init my-app --template with-vuetify


$ nuxtron init my-app --template with-vuikit



$ git clone
$ cd nuxtron
$ yarn
$ yarn dev # default is examples/with-vuetify

Developing examples/*



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