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- audit fatal error handling, currently fatal errors can dissapear
under best_effort and other similar conditions
- port to OpenVMS
- add support for later protocol versions
- add support for encodings
- add support for process filters on put/get operations
- implement save_status methods as a wrapper like best_effort
- reimplement autodie in a saner way
- allow per-method enabling/disabling autodie
- add support for capture_stderr option in constructor
- add support for new extension methods available from late OpenSSH
SFTP server (
- add support for unix2dos and dos2unix transformations on the fly for get and put.
- add support for restarting transfers in put, get and derived methods.
- improve password login, remove Expect dependency and try to backport
as much as possible fron Net::OpenSSH
- detect unknown host key checking
- make setstat failures optionally non fatal inside put method
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