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Library to easily build ready to send messages via BLE to the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter
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  • Turning off the scooter: 55 AA 03 20 03 79 01 5F FF
val turnOffScooter = NbMessage()
  • Changing password: 55 AA 08 20 03 79 XX XX XX XX XX XX 23 FE
    • Password must be length 6, only numbers and ascii charset
val changePassword = NbMessage()
		.setPayload("932046".toByteArray(charset = Charsets.US_ASCII))
  • Getting the controller version: 55 AA 03 20 01 1A 02 BF FF
val ctrlVersion = NbMessage()

About the protocol

Here Camilo explains everything you need to understand the protocol


Thanks to Camilo Ruiz (@CamiAlfa at for his work on the M365 BLE protocol that inspired me to make this library

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