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jquery pusher plugin

Enable HTML5 History navigation in your web site easly.

This plugin aims to enable the HTML5 navigation in sites without having to change anything server side. If the browser does not support HTML5 no fallback is provided, the site will be simply browsed in the old way.

Basic usage

  handler: function() {


Basic and Advanced


Option Dafault Note
handler noop function that defines the plugin main behavior, executed after the page load, if no errors occur
before function(done) { done(); } function executed before ajax call that loads the page. IMPORTANT: the done function must be called, otherwise the execution does not continuous
after noop function executed after the page load, everytime
fail window.alert("Failed to load " + this.state.path); function executed after the page load, if errors occur
watch "a" watched elements
initialPath window.location.pathname first state path
onStateCreation noop function executed everytime when new state is created, takes as parameters: the new state and the clicked element (if exists) , can be used to add additional values to the state


In handler, after, fail and before function you can access the context with this. It contains:

  1. state object: the current state
  2. get function: get elements from the loaded page (if exists)
  3. updateText function: replace text of the given selector from the loaded page to the actual page
  4. updateHtml function: replace contents of the given selector from the loaded page to the actual page


Copyright 2013 Antonio Salvati

Released under the MIT License.

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