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Spacefield League

Js13kGames 2017 multiplayer game

spacefield league

Spacefield League is a multi-player on-line team game: there are 2 teams, the objective is to score more points than the opposite team by putting the ball in the opposite side (the side with the own team color).

Game Features

  • seven different vehicles to play with - each with his own stats
  • statistics and votes for each player on end-match
  • training room
  • custom rooms
  • matches from 1vs1 to 5vs5 players
  • spectator mode (if you join in a full room)
  • room chat
  • full-screen

How To Play

  • Basic controls
    • move your vehicle with "arrows (or wasd or zqsd)"
    • touch the ball to move it
    • when you are full of energy (you are bright) press "space" to charge the shot
  • Other keys
    • press "enter" to chat, or just click on the input field
    • press "s" to switch team (only before the match is started and the other team is not full)
    • press "m" toggle music
  • Pro tips
    • precise movement: press "ctrl (or command) + arrows (or wasd or zqsd)" to move only by a small distance and then stop
    • when you hit the ball you become slower
    • after shot you lose energy, wait to recover it
    • try to use the shot also for pass the ball to your teammates
    • use the precise movement (ctrl or command + direction) when you have the ball and need to turn direction, or to dribble opponents
    • try to make team play (play with more friends is much more fun!)

Vehicle Stats

  • energy recovery: the time needed to recover the energy required to shoot
  • shot power: the distance covered by the ball when you shoot
  • hit power: the distance covered by the ball when you touch it

End Match - Player Stats

  • goal: number of goal scored
  • assist: number of successful pass to teammates with a subsequent goal
  • pass: number of successful pass to teammates
  • recover: number of recovered balls
  • loss: number of lost balls
  • og: own goals
  • touch: number of ball touched
  • vote: the player vote (based on the other stats)



  • tested on Firefox, Chrome, Opera. Something looks a bit different, but the game-play is the same.


  • npm install


  • npm start