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A binding of SDL_mixer.
The binding works pretty much the same as the original, although a few
functions have been changed to be in a more object-oriented style
(eg. Rather than mixer.FreeMusic(song) it's song.Free() )
package mixer
// #cgo pkg-config: sdl
// #cgo LDFLAGS: -lSDL_mixer
// #include "SDL_mixer.h"
import "C"
import "unsafe"
// A music file.
type Music struct {
cmusic *C.Mix_Music
// Initializes SDL_mixer. Return 0 if successful and -1 if there were
// initialization errors.
func OpenAudio(frequency int, format uint16, channels, chunksize int) int {
return int(C.Mix_OpenAudio(, C.Uint16(format),,
// Shuts down SDL_mixer.
func CloseAudio() { C.Mix_CloseAudio() }
// Loads a music file to use.
func LoadMUS(file string) *Music {
cfile := C.CString(file)
cmusic := C.Mix_LoadMUS(cfile)
if cmusic == nil {
return nil
return &Music{cmusic}
// Frees the loaded music file.
func (m *Music) Free() { C.Mix_FreeMusic(m.cmusic) }
// Play the music and loop a specified number of times. Passing -1 makes
// the music loop continuously.
func (m *Music) PlayMusic(loops int) int {
return int(C.Mix_PlayMusic(m.cmusic,
// Play the music and loop a specified number of times. During the first loop,
// fade in for the milliseconds specified. Passing -1 makes the music loop
// continuously. The fade-in effect only occurs during the first loop.
func (m *Music) FadeInMusic(loops, ms int) int {
return int(C.Mix_FadeInMusic(m.cmusic,,
// Same as FadeInMusic, only with a specified position to start the music at.
func (m *Music) FadeInMusicPos(loops, ms int, position float32) int {
return int(C.Mix_FadeInMusicPos(m.cmusic,,,
// Sets the volume to the value specified.
func VolumeMusic(volume int) int { return int(C.Mix_VolumeMusic( }
// Pauses the music playback.
func PauseMusic() { C.Mix_PauseMusic() }
// Unpauses the music.
func ResumeMusic() { C.Mix_ResumeMusic() }
// Rewinds music to the start.
func RewindMusic() { C.Mix_RewindMusic() }
// Sets the position of the currently playing music.
func SetMusicPosition(position float32) int {
return int(C.Mix_SetMusicPosition(C.double(position)))
// Halt playback of music.
func HaltMusic() { C.Mix_HaltMusic() }
// Fades out music over the milliseconds specified. Music is halted after
// the fade out is completed.
func FadeOutMusic(ms int) int { return int(C.Mix_FadeOutMusic( }
// Returns the type of the currently playing music.
func GetMusicType() int { return int(C.Mix_GetMusicType(nil)) }
// Returns the type of the music.
func (m *Music) GetMusicType() int { return int(C.Mix_GetMusicType(m.cmusic)) }
// Returns 1 if music is currently playing and 0 if not.
func PlayingMusic() int { return int(C.Mix_PlayingMusic()) }
// Returns 1 if music is paused and 0 if not.
func PausedMusic() int { return int(C.Mix_PausedMusic()) }
// Tells you whether music is fading in, out, or not at all.
func FadingMusic() int { return int(C.Mix_FadingMusic()) }
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