Fail2ban and fail2ban wordpress plugin installed over latest wordpress image
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Fail2ban installation combined with popular WP Fail2ban plugin on Wordpress official image.


In light of the recent and ongoing brute force attacks on Wordpress websites, the docker image created from this repository aims to prevent attackers overloading a Wordpress site server and/or database server.

These brute force attacks often exploit the xmlrpc.php Wordpress file which allows thousands of username/password combination attempts in a single request to the server. Such attacks can therefore go undetected when analysing the Apache error logs [1]. The Wordpress plugin WP Fail2ban By Charles Lecklider [2] logs all failed login attempts whether made via login.php or xmlrpc.php. This plugin combined with a server installation of Fail2ban [3] offers excellent mitigation of these attacks by temporarily blocking the IP addresses from which failed login attempts are made.

The source code in this repository installs and configures the WP Fail2ban plugin and Fail2ban software (according to the instructions on the plugin website) on top of the latest Wordpress Docker image [4].

Please note

  • The WP Fail2ban plugin must also be activated from the Wordpress administration panel.
  • The docker container must be run with --privileged so that it can update the IP tables of the host machine.
  • Visit for Wordpress docker image usage.

Obtaining the image

docker pull wworrall/wordpress-fail2ban.


MIT License.