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http was preserving old host header during redirects
fix smtp.send hang on source error
add create field to FTP and SMTP and fix HTTP ugliness
clean timeout argument to open functions in SMTP, HTTP and FTP
eliminate globals from namespaces created by module().
url.absolute was not working when base_url was already parsed
http.request was redirecting even when the location header was empty
tcp{client}:shutdown() was checking for group instead of class.
tcp{client}:send() now returns i+sent-1...
get rid of a = socket.try() in the manual, except for protected cases. replace it with assert.
get rid of "base." kludge in package.loaded
check all "require("http")" etc in the manual.
make sure sock_gethostname.* only return success if the hp is not null!
change 'l' prefix in C libraries to 'c' to avoid clash with LHF libraries
don't forget the declarations in luasocket.h and mime.h!!!
setpeername was using udp{unconnected}
fixed a bug in http.lua that caused some requests to fail (Florian Berger)
fixed a bug in select.c that prevented sockets with descriptor 0 from working (Renato Maia)
fixed a "bug" that caused dns.toip to crash under uLinux
fixed a "bug" that caused a crash in gethostbyname under VMS
send returns the right value if input is "". Alexander Marinov