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Reword error msg to distinguish between service and server

servname is easily confused with "server name", making it seem
as if the server name couldn't be resolved.
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1 parent 04be61f commit ac59bcbeac7b8b7be367e3a475010a36ab03057e @sam-github committed May 8, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 src/usocket.c
4 src/usocket.c
@@ -439,12 +439,12 @@ const char *socket_gaistrerror(int err) {
case EAI_FAMILY: return "ai_family not supported";
case EAI_MEMORY: return "memory allocation failure";
- return "hostname or servname not provided, or not known";
+ return "host or service not provided, or not known";
case EAI_OVERFLOW: return "argument buffer overflow";
case EAI_PROTOCOL: return "resolved protocol is unknown";
- case EAI_SERVICE: return "servname not supported for socktype";
+ case EAI_SERVICE: return "service not supported for socket type";
case EAI_SOCKTYPE: return "ai_socktype not supported";
case EAI_SYSTEM: return strerror(errno);
default: return "unknown error";

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