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This directory contains code that is more useful than the
samples. This code *is* supported.

    tftp.lua                -- Trivial FTP client

This module implements file retrieval by the TFTP protocol.
Its main use was to test the UDP code, but since someone
found it usefull, I turned it into a module that is almost
official (no uploads, yet).

    dict.lua                -- Dict client

The dict.lua  module started with  a cool  simple client
for the  DICT protocol, written by Luiz Henrique Figueiredo.
This new version has been converted into a library, similar
to the HTTP  and FTP libraries, that can be used from within
any luasocket application. Take  a look on the  source code
and you will be able to figure out how to use it.

    lp.lua                  -- LPD client library

The lp.lua module implements the client part of the Line
Printer Daemon protocol, used to print files on Unix
machines. It is courtesy of David Burgess!  See the source
code and the lpr.lua in the examples directory.


These are tiny programs that perform Base64,
Quoted-Printable and end-of-line marker conversions.

    get.lua                 -- file retriever

This little  program is  a client  that uses  the FTP  and
HTTP  code to implement a  command line  file graber. Just

	lua get.lua <remote-file> [<local-file>]

to download  a remote file (either  ftp:// or http://) to
the specified local file.  The program  also prints  the
download  throughput, elapsed time, bytes already downloaded
etc during download.

    check-memory.lua        -- checks memory consumption

This is just to see how much memory each module uses.

    dispatch.lua            -- coroutine based dispatcher

This is a first try at a coroutine based non-blocking
dispatcher for LuaSocket. Take a look at 'check-links.lua'
and at 'forward.lua' to see how to use it.

	check-links.lua			-- HTML link checker program

This little program scans a HTML file and checks for broken
links. It is similar to by Jamie Zawinski,
but uses all facilities of the LuaSocket library and the Lua
language. It has not been thoroughly tested, but it should
work. Just run

	lua check-links.lua [-n] {<url>} > output

and open the result to see a list of broken links. Make sure
you check the '-n' switch. It runs in non-blocking mode,
using coroutines, and is MUCH faster!

    forward.lua             -- coroutine based forward server

This is a forward server that can accept several connections
and transfers simultaneously using non-blocking I/O and the
coroutine-based dispatcher. You can run, for example

    lua forward.lua 

to redirect all local conections to port 8080 to the host 
'' at port 3128.

    unix.c and unix.h

This is an implementation of Unix local domain sockets and
demonstrates how to extend LuaSocket with a new type of
transport. It has been tested on Linux and on Mac OS X.

Good luck,
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