backport of util.debuglog from node v0.11
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LICENSE debuglog extracted from node v0.11 Jul 5, 2013

debuglog - backport of util.debuglog() from node v0.11

To facilitate using the util.debuglog() function that will be available when node v0.12 is released now, this is a copy extracted from the source.


Return util.debuglog, if it exists, otherwise it will return an internal copy of the implementation from node v0.11.


  • section {String} The section of the program to be debugged
  • Returns: {Function} The logging function

This is used to create a function which conditionally writes to stderr based on the existence of a NODE_DEBUG environment variable. If the section name appears in that environment variable, then the returned function will be similar to console.error(). If not, then the returned function is a no-op.

For example:

var debuglog = util.debuglog('foo');

var bar = 123;
debuglog('hello from foo [%d]', bar);

If this program is run with NODE_DEBUG=foo in the environment, then it will output something like:

FOO 3245: hello from foo [123]

where 3245 is the process id. If it is not run with that environment variable set, then it will not print anything.

You may separate multiple NODE_DEBUG environment variables with a comma. For example, NODE_DEBUG=fs,net,tls.