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Remote Memory Debugger

Small project written to help search for and change memory values in games.

Server runs on a PC and can be connected to over Netcat etc.

This doesn't work at the moment.


remote_debugger     # start the debugger on the local machine with a local CLI
remote_debugger -n  # start the debugger with a udp server

By default the remote_debugger runs on port 4444 and uses UDP

To connect to it you can use netcat, i.e.

nc64 localhost 4444 -u -vv


  1. Get it working - can only modify own process (i.e. the debugger!), might be permissions
  2. Convert from hex on the mm (memory modify) command
  3. Testing


Listing all the processes running

>> Process List
Process 464, Steam.exe,
Process 1268, WDExpress.exe,
Process 1520, remote_debugger.exe,
Process 2232, MSBuild.exe,
Process 2732, tposdsvc.exe,
Process 2924, chrome.exe,
Process 3128, SCHTASK.exe,
Process 3176, TPONSCR.exe,
Process 3208, TpScrex.exe,
Process 3512, TpKnrres.exe,
Process 3700, rundll32.exe,
Process 3916, vpnui.exe,
Process 3928, iTunesHelper.exe,
Process 4484, chrome.exe,
Process 4708, chrome.exe,
Process 4808, chrome.exe,
Process 4912, chrome.exe,
Process 4960, chrome.exe,
Process 5104, pageant.exe,
Process 5168, VCPkgSrv.exe,
Process 5468, VCPkgSrv.exe,
Process 6076, MSBuild.exe,

Detailed list of processes

>> Process List
Process 464, Steam.exe,
        SizeOfImage:            00232000
        EntryPoint:             00A6C00B
        BaseAddressOfDLL:       009D0000
        Working Memory:         01C29000
        Page File Usage:        04576000
Process 1268, WDExpress.exe,
        SizeOfImage:            00077000
        EntryPoint:             00FF7F79
        BaseAddressOfDLL:       00FC0000
        Working Memory:         1279B000
        Page File Usage:        0B3B0000

Detailed info for a given Pid

di 1520
Process 1520, remote_debugger.exe, C:\\remote_debugger.exe
        SizeOfImage:            00046000
        EntryPoint:             013BEAA0
        BaseAddressOfDLL:       01390000
        Working Memory:         00474000
        Page File Usage:        00142000

Debugging a process

dp 1520
>> Debugging process 1520 returned: 1

Searching for a memory value in a Pid

sm 1520, 4, 0
Search TxId: 4347
Search has 51414 results

The search transaction id is needed to refine the search so don't lose it

Refining a search result

rs 4347, 1
Search has 3984 results

Listing the search results

lsr 4347

You can keep track by using the monitor command

        0x00100160 = 0x00000001 (1)
        0x0038B25C = 0x00000001 (1)
        0x0038F398 = 0x00000001 (1)
x to exit, others to contine

Modifying a value

mm 1520,1048928,4,0
Memory modified OK: 0x00100160 to 0x00000000

Yes, you need to convert from hex (addr) to dec.

We can now check it worked with the monitor

    0x00100160 = 0x00000000 (0)
    0x0038B25C = 0x00000001 (1)
    0x0038F398 = 0x00000001 (1)