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Wumpus Out OpenAL and all associated services will stop on Dec 20th, 2013.

There will be no further development.


Place the out_openal.dll file in Winamp\Plugins directory and select it as the Output plug-in (Plug-ins\Output).


  • Mono, Stereo, Multi-channel (4, 5.1, 7.1) audio at 8bit/16bit.
  • Hardware acceleration support
  • Low CPU utilisation even with software rendering
  • Expand Mono and Stereo to 4.0 (small performance hit)
  • 3D, move your speakers around
  • Reverb effects
  • XRAM support

Known Issues

  • No 24bit audio support, OpenAL doesn't support it
  • With 3D mode enabled, the streams go out of time


out_wumpus.sln The Project to load

OPENAL_SDK_DIR Environment variable pointing to the OpenAL SDK installation directory. On my system it's: C:\Development\OpenAL 1.1 SDK

WA_SDK_DIR The 'Winamp' folder of the Winamp SDK. This contains some of the stuff we need to talk to Winamp. On my system it's: C:\Program Files\Winamp SDK\Winamp

Change Log


  • Rebuilt with Vs2012
  • Minor tweaks


  • Updated - Minor clean-ups


  • Minor fix to try and sync multiple speakers to stop the out-of-phase or delay between the left & right channel issue


  • Added - Synchronised the start of audio (affects multiple renderers)
  • Added - x/y/z for listener position and direction
  • Added - Restore default settings for speaker matrix
  • Updated - Removed algorithm for finding next free buffer. This should reduce CPU usage quite a bit v0.9.10 =======
  • [Attempt] Fixed - 3D issue where it went out of phase.


  • Fixed - Issue with synchronisation and the output time for track position


  • Fixed - Memory leak when closing regarding Effects
  • Fixed - Skipping past the end of the file
  • Fixed - Skipping and sync issues, skipping over-run


  • Fixed - Doesn't re-play the end of the track when skipped
  • Fixed - Sync issues with FLAC files
  • Fixed - Mono source won't be affected by Matrix values (left/right etc)


  • Added - mono & stereo expansion back in
  • Changed - maximum buffer size to 6 seconds (6000ms) to better support XRAM


  • Fixed - XRAM detection/utilisation
  • Fixed - Audio cut off at the end


  • Added - Some proper XRAM notices
  • Fixed - 3D seperate renderers such as sync
  • Fixed - Panning


  • Added - Effects (reverb)


  • Added - seperate renderer support
  • Splitting of data to renderers


  • Added - initial Effects support


  • Updated - minor optimisations to Mono/Stereo expansion so it copies the data using single instructions rather than memcpy System Calls which should reduce CPU usage.


  • Fixed - Corrupt audio on VBR (Varible Bit Rate) Audio
  • Fixed - Memory leak with Mono/Stereo Expansion enabled
  • Fixed - Loading of the buffer size on the Configuration Window
  • Fixed - Loading of the volume
  • Fixed - Lockups when opening/skipping tracks
  • Fixed - XRAM cannot be enabled if it's absent
  • Added - XRAM utilisation
  • Updated - no internal buffering, passed straight to OpenAL to reduce memory usage and CPU utilisation. Even software rendering should have virtually no CPU usage.


  • Fixed - Pausing issue


  • Fixed - If the file is skipped when pause playback will resume (Thanks Goujon)


  • Added - Stereo expansion
  • Added - Mono expansion
  • Added - GUI bits to control Mono/Stereo expansion
  • Fixed - Expansion Fixed (no static)
  • Fixed - GUI changes for expansion actioned instantly, not after Winamp restart
  • Fixed - Skipping of FLAC files no longer causes halts/crashes
  • Added [disabled] - 3D Positioning, doesn't work (yet, 0.9 hopefully)
  • Updated - Will buffer 3 writes rather than 1 to stop buffer under-runs on startup
  • Fixed - Out of range volumes ignored, should solve the jump-loud problem
  • Fixed - Initial volume loaded properly rather than using maximum which may be wrong


  • Fixed - use correct Winamp.ini file
  • Fixed - validates buffer length is within bounds


  • Fixed bug if Winamp.ini had invalid values or didnt exist


  • Minor fix and tidy up


  • Updated: Use more but much smaller buffers (8k). This seems to work better than fewer larger ones although the affect on CPU performance is unknown. Still to test with H/W support
  • Fixed: Can change the buffer size during playback (may cause a pause while it clears all the bufers out)


  • Updated: Use fewer much larger buffers to test if this was more stable/optimal


  • Optimisations


  • Fixed: Very small files (<2sec) now work


  • Fixed: Memory over-run issue (causes blips, silence & crashses)
  • Updated: Have done some work on stereo expansion and EFX (currently disabled)


  • Fixed: Thread/sync dead lock


  • Fixed: Changing devices and options keeps playing tracks now
  • Fixed: Reduced maximum Monitor Interval to 30ms
  • Fixed: Low quality/short files now work
  • Fixed: Better stability when switching tracks or changing options


  • Fixed: Changing options doesn't crash Winamp anymore


  • Added: Configure Length, Buffer Sizes (Total Buffers = length/size) & Monitor Time The lower the monitor time the more processing is done 40ms is fine as this is shorter than a single buffer time
  • Fixed: Loading/Saving of some values
  • Fixed: Changing Audio Device fixes
  • Fixed: Closing Configuration Windows and re-opening doesn't crash anymore
  • Fixed: Skipping correctly continues visualisation


  • Added: Initial Effects support (disabled for now)
  • Added: Error messages
  • Fixed: Generic Software Support


  • Added: OpenAL Extensions are now shown
  • Added: Notice when 24bit playback is attempted
  • Updated: OpenAL SDK version being used updated -> This means Vista's users will see all EndPoints now -> Advise you stick to hardware though (this is usually shown as "default")
  • Updated: Changing a Device is applied instantly (will stop playback)
  • Fixed: Only one instance of the Configuration Window can be loaded
  • Fixed: Few bugs which cause Winamp to crash


  • Updated so prebuffering will kick off after 200ms rather than 2000ms
  • Updated internal monitor thread to clock at 50ms not 10ms


  • Added configuration/status screen


  • Fixed buffering issues for better throughput
  • Fixed sync & timing issues
  • Fixed skipping (fw/rw)
  • Optimisations


  • Fixed bug where volume not restored for next track


  • Multi-channel support
  • Volume change support


  • Initial build
  • Mono/Stereo Playback support