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GeminaboxPlus is a ready-to-go application for Geminabox
(https://github.com/cwninja/geminabox) installs.

==== WHY? ====

Reindexing tasks are handled by Resque offline so you don't
have to wait around for your browser to timeout on hosts
with a lot of gems.


The requirements are a running Redis installation with a
special key in the default database, and two (optional)
environment variables:

REDIS_HOST: (defaults to localhost)
GEMINABOX_DATA: (defaults to /var/www/data)

Redis::Directory (https://github.com/wiecklabs/redis_directory)
is used to organize your Redis connection.

You'll need to add the following key to database 0 on your redis

  redis-cli -h redis.example.com -n 0 hset services resque '["redis.example.com"]'

The value can be a cluster of other Redis servers, allowing you
to organize your Redis clusters and load-balance if necessary. ie:

  redis-cli -h redis.example.com -n 0 hset services \
  resque '["redis1.example.com:9200", "redis2.example.com:9201"]'

Once that's done just start up your server.


I use JRuby 1.7 (HEAD) on OpenJDK 7u2 running the following:

  rack (1.3.6)
  jruby-rack (1.1.1)
  trinidad (1.2.3)

I left them out of the Gemfile (and use system gems for these)
so you can choose your own application-server (or run under MRI)
If you want to run my setup (it's fast, I recommend it!) then
just start the server up with:

  jruby -S trinidad

==== 2-MINUTE SETUP ====

Assuming you have Homebrew (https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew) on OSX
and a JRuby installation, here's how you'd quickly get GeminaboxPlus
running on localhost:

  brew install redis
  redis-cli hset services resque '["localhost"]'
  jgem install rack -v1.3.6
  jgem install jruby-rack -v1.1.1
  jgem install trinidad -v1.2.3
  git clone git://github.com/sam/geminaboxplus.git
  cd geminaboxplus
  bundle install --path vendor
  QUEUE=reindex bundle exec rake resque:work &
  GEMINABOX_DATA="$(pwd)/data" jruby -S trinidad

Now just copy your .gem files into $GEMINABOX_DATA/gems and run:

  curl http://localhost:9292/reindex

To get all your gems loaded. The web side of the app itself isn't
the fastest if you have a lot of gems (ours takes 8s to load ~2400 gems)
but that only matters if you're hunting for a specific Gem in the list.
The gem indexes should be fast once generated so there'll be no slowing
down your workflow!