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Interactive cloth simulator using the method described in the SIGGRAPH paper "Fast Simulation of Mass-Spring Systems" by Liu, T., Bargteil, A. W., Obrien, J. F., & Kavan, L.
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A C++ implementation of Fast Simulation of Mass-Spring Systems [1], rendered with OpenGL. The dynamic inverse procedure described in [2] was implemented to constrain spring deformations and prevent the "super-elastic" effect when using large time-steps.


  • OpenGL, freeGLUT, GLEW, GLM for rendering.
  • OpenMesh for computing normals.
  • Eigen for sparse matrix algebra.


curtain hang curtain drop


[1] Liu, T., Bargteil, A. W., Obrien, J. F., & Kavan, L. (2013). Fast simulation of mass-spring systems. ACM Transactions on Graphics,32(6), 1-7. doi:10.1145/2508363.2508406

[2] Provot, X. (1995). Deformation constraints in a mass-spring modelto describe rigid cloth behavior. InGraphics Interface 1995,147–154.

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