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Telestrator for OBS. Use Stylus/Pen/Touch to draw on top of the video.
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Telestrator (video marker) for OBS.



TransparentPaint accepts stylus(pen)/touch/mouse drawing on a transparent canvas, snapped to a particular window (e.g. a OBS source projector). The drawing output is available for HTTP streaming and can be included by OBS BrowserSource. The output can also be displayed on a chroma-keyed window.


Just copy, unzip and run.

.NET Framework 4.6.1 must be installed first.



  1. Launch TransparentPaint
    • You don't have to allow for firewall access, because we are accessing it locally
  2. Open with Chrome (Only tested on Chrome)
  3. Use mouse/stylus/touch to draw something on TransparentPaint
  4. Some strokes should appear on the chrome.


Use with OBS

  1. Launch OBS
  2. Stream the strokes to OBS
    1. Create a new BrowserSource
  3. To overlay the TransparentPaint over the video
    1. Right click on your video source, then select Windowed Projector
    2. In the TransparentPaint, in the text box near the padlock icon, type Projector
    3. Check the padlock, or F6
    4. The TransparentPaint should snap to the your source projector.
  4. Now you can draw with mouse/stylus/touch


  • Hotkeys
    • F1: Clear canvas
    • F2: Undo
    • F6: Snap toggle
  • The Zoom button creates a cloned window with Green chroma key, which might be useful in some sistuation.
  • Config and logs are saved at %LOCALAPPDATA%\TransparentPaint
  • Tested with Windows 10 + OBS 20.0.1


The source code is released under the MIT License.


The binaries include the following libraries, and their licensing terms are:

Known Bugs

  • The HTTP streamed output does not include ink currently drawing by stylus/touch.

    I have described this in the Stackoverflow, if someone knows the answer please let me know.

    • The ink will appear only after the stylus or finger is up.
    • mouse is fine though.
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