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goesrecv monitor

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goesrecv monitor is a software utility for monitoring the status of goesrecv by Pieter Noordhuis. goesrecv is a BPSK demodulator and CCSDS decoder for LRIT and HRIT downlinks transmitted by geostationary weather satellites like GOES-16/17 and GK-2A.

Getting Started

Microsoft .NET Framework Runtime v4.8 (direct download) is required to run goesrecv monitor. Once .NET is installed, download the latest release of goesrecv monitor and extract all files inside the ZIP to a new folder.

On the device running goesrecv, open goesrecv.conf and confirm the following lines are not commented (remove #), then restart goesrecv.

bind = "tcp://"
send_buffer = 2097152

bind = "tcp://"

bind = "tcp://"

Finally, open goesrecv monitor and enter the IP address of a device running goesrecv, then click Connect (or hit enter). The constellation plot and statistics list will start showing data.

If goesrecv monitor fails to connect, check for firewalls on the device running goesrecv. Inbound connections on ports 5002, 6001 and 6002 must be allowed.

Statistics Plot

goesrecv monitor can plot the Viterbi and Reed-Solomon error counts in real-time using the Statistics Plot window. The plot has selectable time ranges from 1 minute up to 24 hours. Plot data can be exported to a CSV file using the "Export CSV" button on the lower right of the window.

Launch the Statistics Plot by clicking on the "Open Statistics Plot" button in the main window.

Large Statistics

The large statistics window is intended to improve visibility of the Viterbi error count and Signal Quality percentage from a distance. This is useful while while fine tuning the alignment of an antenna. The window background colour changes between red and green to indicate the Signal Lock state.

Launch the Large Statistics window by clicking on the "Open Large View" button in the main window.

Debug Logs

goesrecv monitor can log certain information to a text file for the purposes of debugging crashes or configuration issues. Changing the logging setting in goesrecv-monitor.exe.config to either True or False will enable or disable the log file.

<setting name="logging" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="logging" serializeAs="String">