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Sonic Pi is more than just software. It's a whole community of people sharing ideas, helping and inspiring each other. Welcome.

You can get involved with the community at the following locations:

Live Coding TV

Sam Aaron regularly streams his live coding sessions on - please drop by, say hello and ask lots of questions.

Gitter Chat

A friendly chatroom to discuss all matters related to Sonic Pi. Great for getting instant help.

Raspberry Pi

The best place to access the latest resources, lesson plans, starter tutorials and information about Sonic Pi.

Google Groups!forum/sonic-pi

A mailing list/forum for people to share thoughts, advice, knowledge with each other. An excellent place to go to ask any questions you might have.


For bite-sized chunks of the latest Sonic Pi news and information.


For those Facebook users out there.

Vimeo Group

A Vimeo channel dedicated to Sonic Pi performances, tutorials and examples. Please also tag your Vimeo videos with Sonic Pi so they may be found and added to this channel.

SoundCloud Playlist

A playlist of audio pieces created with Sonic Pi. Please tag your SoundCloud tracks with # Sonic Pi so they may be found and added to this playlist.


The following is a list of community-maintained blogs which focus on or contain Sonic Pi related material:


For developers interested in the full source code. The issue tracker is also hosted here.