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Installing Sonic Pi from Source

If you want to use the very latest development version of Sonic Pi, then you'll need to compile from source. Due to the complex nature of Sonic Pi's architecture this should only be considered by those happy playing around with the Terminal and are happy working with bleeding edge software.

For all other users, downloading the latest pre-built app for your platform is highly recommended:

There are instructions for the following platforms in their own separate files:

  • Raspberry Pi -
  • Windows -
  • Mac -
  • Linux -

Optional: Sonic Pi reference books

Do you want to read the Sonic Pi tutorial as a whole, e.g. on your mobile reader or printed out on paper?

During the Qt GUI build process, the directory app/gui/qt/book will be generated, containing each section of the integrated help system as a printable HTML reference book document.

As an optional step after the build process, you can convert these HTML files to more convenient PDFs using the ./create-pdf script.

On your Linux or OS X system, you will need to have installed

Unsupported development HTML Interface

Note: This interface isn't always kept up to date with MASTER on Github.

The dependencies for this are:

  • SuperCollider
  • Ruby 1.9.3+

If you wish to play with the (development) HTML interface on OS X:

  • Install SuperCollider manually (the Mac OS X app):
  • Download a tar ball of the latest version of Sonic Pi:
  • Unzip the tar ball somewhere useful
  • Install JDK 1.6+ and Leiningen (to compile ClojureScript -> Javascript, not for running the app)
  • Compile the cljs source: cd app/gui/html, lein cljsbuild once
  • Start the server: cd app/server/bin, ruby ws.rb
  • Open a browser and go to http://localhost:8000