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Update "How to contribute" with new challenges.

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and accessible enough for you, so we don't know where to improve it
for your needs. Your input is highly appreciated.
-- Save/Load function for buffers
- Sonic Pi can save to a file, but it still doesn't have a user-friendly
- way to load existing code.
- Optimisation: Identify & fix bottlenecks that waste CPU or RAM
Several different parts work together in Sonic Pi, there's
@@ -70,8 +65,30 @@ where help is appreciated.
keeping things smooth. If you love profiling and optimising existing
code we'd love to hear from you.
+- Clean-Up: Fix our build scripts
+ The components of Sonic Pi are written in Ruby, C++ and soon Erlang,
+ pulling in several libraries from various other projects.
+ This makes it difficult to maintain a cross-platform build ruleset
+ and we'd love to have
+ [easier build scripts](
+ that work on Linux, Windows and OS X.
### Hard Projects
+- Feature: Add SoundFont support to SuperCollider
+ You didn't see it, but you heard it loud and clear: Sonic Pi owes
+ its awesome sound engine to the brilliant
+ [SuperCollider]( project.
+ Some of the features we want to see in Sonic Pi actually
+ require enhancing SuperCollider. One that would be really nice
+ is native [SoundFont]( support,
+ which would require writing a
+ [UGen plugin](
+ for SuperCollider.
- Sync multiple instances of Sonic Pi on the net
How to play Sonic Pi as an orchestra? Should there be a central

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