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Merge pull request #1302 from technomancy/jessie-sc3-plugins

Instructions for sc3-plugins installation that works on Debian Jessie.
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2 parents ad872b0 + 869e7da commit 9b2002449c9991ef19a7a4fc69d8a6ed365f4832 @samaaron committed on GitHub Aug 15, 2016
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@@ -112,6 +112,11 @@ git submodule init
git submodule update
git checkout efba3baaea873f4e4d44aec3bb7468dd0938b4a6
cp -r external_libraries/nova-simd/* source/VBAPUGens
+rm -rf source/NCAnalysisUGens # these plugins don't work with Jessie's supercollider
+sed -i "/# NCAnalysisUGens/,/^#/d" source/CMakeLists.txt
+sed -i s/JoshUGens// source/CMakeLists.txt
+sed -i s/TagSystemUGens// source/CMakeLists.txt
+sed -i s/NCAnalysisUGens// source/CMakeLists.txt
mkdir build
cd build

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