Scalable HTTP health-checker for Hipache:
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Hipache Health-Checker

This is an active health-checker for the Hipache proxy solution. The checker will check the backends at a regular interval and it will update Hipache's Redis to mark them as dead (or alive) almost instantly.

  1. Compile

go build
  1. Run it


It connects on the local redis (localhost:6379), so it's supposed to be run on the same machine than Hipache.

  1. Modify the behavior

./hchecker -h
Usage of ./hchecker:
  -connect=3: TCP connection timeout (seconds)
  -cpuprofile=false: Write CPU profile to "" (current directory)
  -dryrun=false: Enable dry run (or simulation mode). Do not update the Redis.
  -host="ping": HTTP host header
  -interval=3: Check interval (seconds)
  -io=3: Socket read/write timeout (seconds)
  -method="HEAD": HTTP method
  -redis="localhost:6379": Network address of Redis
  -redis_password="": Password of Redis
  -uri="/CloudHealthCheck": HTTP URI
  1. Run the tests

$ cd test ; python -m unittest discover