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Security cameras on public property operated by Canadian law enforcement agencies

This information applies to: "overt, general video surveillance by law enforcement agencies—what some police forces refer to as "community cameras"—in places to which the public has largely free and unrestricted access, such as streets or public parks... continuous or periodic video recording, observing or monitoring of individuals in open, public spaces, in the absence of particularized suspicion of an individual or individuals" (Office of the Privacy Commissioner)

Do I legally own the data this org has about me?


Can I see all the data they have about me, for free?


You legally have the right to request access to any video footage of you, so long as this is possible without infringing on the privacy rights of other people in the footage.

"People whose images are recorded should be able to request access to their recorded personal information. Under many privacy statutes, they have a right of access. Severing the personal information in a recording (including technological blurring or blocking of the identities of others) may be necessary to allow individual access. Policies and procedures should be designed to accommodate these requests." (Office of the Privacy Commissioner)

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