Code Tidbits from Samantha Ming. I post JS, HTML, CSS snippets on Twitter and Instagram every week.
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Code Tidbits

Hello and Welcome 😀

Hope you've been enjoying the code tidbits I've been posting on social media! Here you will find the actual code, description, and any resources that I used to create them.

Say Hello 👋

I share JS, HTML, CSS tidbits every week!

Twitter: @samantha_ming
Instagram: @samanthaming
Facebook: @hi.samanthaming
Medium: @samanthaming

💖 Download & Share

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to download and share my code tibits. If you've gotten any value from my content and would like to help me reach more people, I'd really appreciate it if you could attribute my Twitter (@samantha_ming) and Instagram (@samanthaming) with your share!

🔥 My Posts

You can view all the raw markdown files in this repo, located in the posts directory.

These files are also hosted on my website,

🌟 Contribution

Yes! Anyone is welcome to contribute to the quality of this content. Please feel free to submit a PR request for typo fixes, spelling corrections, explanation improvements, etc.

Section Template

All the markdown files follow this template. Here is a sample post that showcases this.

👩🏻‍⚖️ Note

I will be using the content of this repo for my upcoming podcast and maybe other publications. So, if you do contribute content, please be aware that you agree that you're giving me a non-exclusive license to use this content as I deem appropriate. After doing a podcast episode on law and legal matters, I thought it's important that I include this section. Thanks for understanding!